Helldivers 2 Welcomes You to The Galactic War

Helldivers 2 Welcomes You to The Galactic War

Helldivers 2 is closing in fast and the team at Arrowhead Game Studios wants to ensure everyone is adequately prepared to do their part in service of Super Earth. The once-cryogenically frozen Helldivers have been thawed out and deployed against all which threatens Super Earth and its claimed territories, including robotic Automatons and bug-like Termininds. Of course, extending the reach of democracy to all those alien-inhabited planets remains an objective of equal importance.

Helldivers will be directly contributing to the military offensive driving The Galactic War, an effort that can be viewed from the War Table. While you are welcome to choose the battlefield and opponent of your liking, high command will be communicating with all players, issuing top priority orders of various scales. First up, there are community-driven Major Orders; it will take the combined effort of all Helldivers to complete these tasks and further the overarching narrative. Personal orders, on the other hand, exist at the squad level and provide mission conditions that provide rewards if completed.

All of that combines into Operations, which consist of up to three missions depending on difficulty. Varying primary and secondary objectives will be present across this particular endeavor. Any and all missions are welcome, as they provide the resources necessary to become a better-kitted soldier.

Prospective combatants can enlist in Helldivers 2 when it hits PC and PlayStation 5 on February 8th.

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