GameShark Makes Its Return as AI Shark

GameShark is a name that is likely familiar to those who grew up looking to cheat their way through various games spanning the Nintendo 64, GameBoy, PlayStation and more. The cheat tool software appeared in both cartridge and disc forms as it evolved across platforms, but the focus remained the same: bend virtually any game to your will. The GameShark brand faded into obscurity as the internet-connected age became more embedded within gaming with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

All these years later and GameShark is looking to return to the market, albeit in a new form. The ever-popular leveraging of AI these days is the backbone for this “cheat” brand’s resurgence, but it’s doing so under an updated name: AI Shark. The focus of AI Shark is to bring “enhanced gameplay for beginner-level users” through a new line of peripherals. The software and chipset solutions will leverage their “exclusive XGPT technology and real-time TPU acceleration” to aid players in improving their skills in-game over time.

AI Shark Founder, Todd Hays, had the following to say about today’s reveal:

Harnessing the power of AI, supercomputers and our exceptional code-writing team, we are aiming to eclipse the original GameShark’s triumphs tenfold and redefine the gaming landscape on a global scale

Of course, we are more interested in seeing how an AI-enabled assistive technology would work in the modern gaming landscape. Fortunately, AI Shark has posted a video detailing what kind of enhancement AI Shark peripheral users can expect from the tech. And… it sure doesn’t look dissimilar to cheating.

In a perfect scenario, the products shown would make for excellent training tools for a gamer looking to improve themselves. The main issue is that the AI Shark is likely to find itself in the hands of someone in PvP, which is already an all too common occurrence in our online shooters. Imagining an AI aiding a player in real-time with enemy directions, dynamic audio source amplification (thanks to the team-up with audio electronics company Altec Lansing), strategy analysis and more is bound to make for a formidable opponent, especially one who already has excellent aim and response time.

It’s hard to say at the moment how AI Shark will be received when it is unleashed upon the gaming world, but I think it’s fair to say its marketed core-use case makes for an enticing training tool for budding gamers. Used by more nefarious players… well, I think most of us have had first-hand experience with how that plays out from the opposing side.

You can learn more at the official AI Shark website.

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