Rifstorm Receives Second Pre-Alpha Playtest in Early March

Rifstorm Receives Second Pre-Alpha Playtest in Early March

Developer Mythic Alliance has announced a second pre-alpha playtest for their roguelite shooter, Riftstorm, and it’s coming very soon. In fact, you need only wait just over a week for the chance to dive into the fast and frantic action, as the playtest is set to go live on March 8th.

If you haven’t heard of Riftstorm, it’s a roguelite shooter starring uniquely-specialized operatives, varied weapon loadouts and a wealth of explosive action tying it all together. It’s an experience that comes in both cooperative and solo flavors, depending on the player’s desires. That said, it sounds like running three player-controlled elite operatives is the definitive way to play the game.

Building upon the feedback from the initial playtest in November 2023, Mythic Alliance has incorporated a more robust narrative component, tossed in a couple more playable operatives and added a new mythic type, all of which can be gleaned from the upcoming pre-alpha. If you’re wondering just how much the second pre-alpha differs from the first, here’s a rundown of the changes and additions:

  • 3 new Threat Levels (missions of varying difficulties)
  • 2 new Operatives: Hertz and Spraybot
  • 1 new Narrative Arc
  • 1 new Mythic enemy type
  • 10 new weapons

If any of this information has caught your attention, feel free to throw your name in the hat by requesting access to the second pre-alpha playtest on Riftstorm‘s official Steam page. And be sure to check back with us following the March 8th kick-off date to read our thoughts on the latest roguelite shooter set to enter the market.

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