Remnant 2's New Spitting Enemies Confirmed Bugged; Patch is in the Works 43534

Remnant 2’s New Spitting Enemies Confirmed Bugged; Patch is in the Works

Yesterday, Remnant 2‘s first DLC expansion, The Awakened King, finally released for players to enjoy. However, this joy was short lived due to an unexpected glitch with one of the new enemies.

Dran Fiend, or more affectionately the spitting, spore, blob, and so forth enemies are currently bugged. This was confirmed in Remnant 2′s official discord by developer Tragic_Gunfire.

spitting enemies will be fixed soon. found a bug

Tragic_Gunfire via Discord

While no specifics were given, many players agree these enemies do more damage than intended. It spawned a rather popular reddit thread where many players noted these enemies can deliver a one hit against some of the most overpowered builds currently available.

Remnant 2's New Spitting Enemies Confirmed Bugged; Patch is in the Works 34534

Even on the lowest difficulty and 180.8 armor, they can deal a devastating amount of damage in a moment. Depending on your luck, these can even be a one hit due to placement.

Part of what makes these enemies so problematic is Remnant 2‘s design itself. They typically appear in confined spaces and leave a couple spore looking balls upon death. In addition to these sections being rough, the new Befouled Altar boss spawns three or four waves of them. It’s manageable on lower difficulties, especially with a good build, but it can feel impossible on Apocalypse.

Despite this, some players love the additional challenge and are more motivated to see if these can overcome these frightening foes. Since the aforementioned spores can be shot, players have options to stay alive. It also encourages different play styles, or give co-op partners something to really go after.

Wherever you fall on this spectrum, expect a fix sometime in the near future. Finally, for those still on the fence, make sure to check back later this week for our full review of Remnant 2: The Awakened King.

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