[Rumor] Countless Assets and Images Leaked for Grand Theft Auto 6 1

[Rumor] Countless Assets and Images Leaked for Grand Theft Auto 6 [Update 2]

Earlier today a user by the name of teapotuberhacker posted a bunch of content that is supposedly from an early build of Grand Theft Auto 6 on GTAForums. Several people noted this person is supposedly the same Tea Pot that was responsible for the Uber hack earlier this week, potentially adding some credibility to their claims.

So far Teapot has posted a variety of images and videos, which look pretty convincing. Not only is the world pretty detailed, something that shouldn’t be surprising given this is Grand Theft Auto 6, along with a fair amount of references to the beloved franchise.

So far Rockstar has not issued a comment on the leak. While time will tell if this is legitimate or not, if nothing else it’s one of the most convincing leaks I’ve seen in a long time.

Update: Following the original leak a lot of people have debated whether or not the leak is legitimate. Even though it’s still not confirmed, notable Game Journalist and Bloomberg writer, Jason Schreier, offered the following comment on the situation.

Odds are this will be the last update this weekend, with Rockstar issuing their comment sometime tomorrow.

Update 2: Schreier followed up by contacting their sources and, unsurprisingly, confirming this leak is legitimate.

As people continue to talk about the impact of the leak and the contents of it, Naughty Dog co-president, Neil Druckmann, offered the following comment on the situation.

As expected, Rockstar did not issue a comment, but we expect to see one sometime tomorrow.

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