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Immortals of Aveum The Echollector Update Adds a New End Game Activity; Free Trial Now Available

Fans of Immortals of Aveum rejoice, the new Echollector update adds new end game activity, New Game+, and much more.

Players looking for a new challenge can now experience The Echollector. This new end game activity boasts new obstacles to overcome with rewards of lore and more to be found.

Those who might want a refresher course can also look forward to New Game+. Activating this will restart the adventure with your gear, rebalanced enemies, most magic, and other unlocked arguments.

The new Grand Magnus difficulty also boasts challenges so great every fight will be a “battle for survival.”

EA offered a more expansive explanation of what this update adds, and details on the new trial in a blog post.

It’s time to sigil up in a big way as all-new challenges are headed to you for Immortals of Aveum in The Echollector Update! Battlemages, get ready- you’ll need quick thinking, fast reflexes, and every ounce of your magic for the adventure that lies ahead. Here’s some of what’s coming as part of our largest game update yet:

  • New playable content, gear, and lore in the free gameplay content update, “The Echollector”
  • Continue the fight for Aveum with New Game+
  • Brave the new Grand Magnus difficulty and take on foes like never before 

And that’s not all! If you’re new to Immortals of Aveum, you’ll be able to start your journey in the Free Trial* on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, or the PC demo on Steam.

What’s New?

First and foremost, with update comes the new lore and gameplay content for those who’ve reached the final chapters of the game. 

“THE ECHOLLECTOR” Content Update is a new endgame objective for players who want more lore and new content to play through once they’ve reached the later chapters. The events of the Everwar left the Path weak, scattering chunks of the consciouscape across Aveum and creating corrupted Shatterfanes – portals to new, undiscovered areas.

Jak must rid Aveum of these Shatterfanes and put a stop to whatever malevolent forces are siphoning away the Path’s power in a new boss fight. The Shatterfanes will automatically be available upon reaching Glaivegate, giving you the chance to take on this new challenge.

Doing so will unlock new lore for you to experience and gear for you to take on your journeys through the Everwar.

NEW GAME+ has been one of the biggest requests we’ve gotten and we’re thrilled to be able to confirm it’s coming. NG+ will not only allow you to play through the game again with most of your abilities and spells, it’ll also give you the opportunity to further upgrade your gear and take on updated fights.

  • Upgrade your Epic and Legendary gear to higher levels with the Forge in NG+
  • Rebalanced enemy health, damage, and abilities
  • Jak carries forward most spells and abilities unlocked in a previous playthrough
    • Augment spells cannot carry forward due to their unlock requirements
  • Adjustments made to experience and currency earned while playing

GRAND MAGNUS DIFFICULTY brings a whole new level of challenge to Aveum. Face down Sandrakk’s forces like never before in the most challenging mode yet. Every fight will be a battle for survival as you push your way through the Everwar and forge yourself into an Immortal worthy of the name.

And of course, this brand-new difficulty mode is available as a new playthrough or with New Game+!

Sigils Up!

Immortals of Aveum has been a labor of love for the team. We’re glad to get to release an update like this for a project we’ve been so passionate about, and are humbled by the joy it’s brought our players.

We’re continuing to work on making it the best game it can be, and your feedback helps make that possible. Keep an eye out for the full patch notes closer to the update’s release. We hope all of you who play the game—past, present, and future—can enjoy the new content and changes coming with this update.

EA Blog

As part of The Echollector update is a wide variety of improvements, which can be found below.



  • We’ve added New Game+ as an option to begin a new playthrough while preserving key progression features.
  • The player starts New Game+ as a Magnus in the Light’s Army. The new playthrough begins in the Yltheum Chapter, bypassing the introductory Streetwise and The Magnus Chapters. 
  • Gear, resources, talents, Arcanum, and health and mana upgrades carry over from the previous playthrough.
  • All unlocked spells and abilities carry over EXCEPT Augment spells (Grapple, Disrupt, Animate, etc.) due to their unlock requirements. 
  • Epic and Legendary gear can be upgraded to higher levels in the Forge.
  • Enemy health, damage, and abilities have been rebalanced, and experience and currency earned have been adjusted to scale with New Game+ progression.

How to access: NG+ is available from a shrine behind Zendara in Glaivegate following the final boss battle battle. You do not need to 100% the game to start NG+


  • We’ve added the new “Grand Magnus” game difficulty option that provides players with tougher combat challenges throughout the game. 
  • “Grand Magnus” difficulty can be selected anytime, whether it’s your first playthrough or you’re starting New Game+. 
  • Enemy health, defense, power, and behavior have been adjusted. 
  • Combat is more intense, there are fewer health drops, and swapping between spells and abilities will be essential to survival. 


  • “The Echollector” gameplay update brings new endgame objectives to Immortals of Aveum™. Spoilers lie below, so skip ahead if you’d prefer to experience it all in the game first.
    • The new content automatically becomes available when the player reaches Glaivegate.
    • Shatterfanes – these are corrupted Shroudfanes that lead to new hidden areas and tough battles. 
    • New Gear – Within the Shatterfanes, players will be rewarded with all-new gear items to take on their journey, including a new bracer, two rings, Limpets vial, and a legendary sigil. 
    • Discover new lore and face an epic boss battle with the ancient being, The Echollector.

How to access: The four fanes are in Pale Forest, Shrineforge, Oremen, and Glaivegate. To progress through the Acroamatic Fane (the fourth and final fane in Glaivegate), you need to beat the other 3 fanes.


  • New players can now begin their adventure in the Immortals of Aveum Free Trial on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S or in the PC Demo on Steam**! For all the details and to access the Free Trial and Demo, go here
  • The Free Trial goes live on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and the PC Demo goes live on Steam at 9am PST (5pm UTC) on November 16, 2023. 
  • Accessing the Free Trial on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S:
  • Accessing the PC Demo on Steam:
    • The PC Demo can be accessed by visiting the Immortals of Aveum Steam Store page
  • Free Trial and PC Demo Content:
    • Play through the first three chapters of Immortals of Aveum, starting at the beginning of the game through the Yltheum Chapter.  
    • Player progression in the Free Trial or PC Demo will carry over to the full game when Immortals of Aveum is purchased on that respective platform. 


  • Addressed how the player interacts with an object to prevent accidentally crushing a Mana crystal
  • On PC, we’ve added an option to turn off mouse smoothing which can help improve the feel of high DPI mice 
  • Added FPS cap on PC
  • Addressed an issue where a player could occasionally get stuck in a freefall inside a Shroudfane 
  • Made it so enemies leave behind their loot even if they fall into the abyss
  • Fixed instances of occasional crashes and progression blockers
  • Addressed rumors of a new Beast among Rasharn’s ranks still lurking within the borders of Kalthus
  • Updated Privacy Policy document
EA Blog

Those interested can download the update today and enjoy everything The Echollector has to offer.

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