Dark Envoy Class Guide: Which Starting Class Should You Choose?

Dark Envoy Class Guide: Which Starting Class Should You Choose?

Dark Envoy is officially out now on PC, which means you can dive into the new indie cRPG without waiting a moment longer. While we noted the experience as janky and occasionally lacking in our review, there is an endearing nature to Event Horizon’s offering. The combat, specifically, is the bread and butter of this RPG and it offers a wide variety of playstyles to foster a well-rounded team of different specialties.

When you begin Dark Envoy, protagonists Malakai and Kaela are presented with four starting class options: Warrior, Ranger, Engineer and Adept. In the opening hours, the duo will have to make do with the combat proficiencies between them, making the starting class decision important for setting the tone of the impending journey.

We have provided a breakdown of the starting classes and the branching specializations that become available at level seven to better help you make one of the game’s first choices.

Which Starting Class Should You Choose?


The Warrior is the classic frontlines melee combatant. They are able to devastate foes up close with two-handed hammers or dual-wielded blades and can mitigate incoming damage with a shield of their own. Warriors start with the Dash, allowing them to charge into a target, and the Iron Skin, providing them magical defenses.

    At level 7, Warriors can choose from the following Specializations:

    • Guardian – The Guardian can keep enemies occupied while shielding their allies from danger using numerous defensive buffs
    • Assassin – Using deception and tricks, they cause confusion among their foes and avoid punishment
    • Blademaster – A bloodthirsty dual-wielder that’s capable of applying multiple stacks of bleeding, using them to kill enemies quickly or treat their own wounds


    Rangers are the opposite of Warriors. They prefer to sit far away from their targets on the battlefield, taking cover behind terrain before popping out for devastating single-target damage. The Ranger is also a master of traps, which can help hinder the progression of enemies as they attempt to close the gap, which is noted through their starting Toxic Bomb and Blast Roll skills.

    At level 7, Rangers can choose from the following Specializations:

    • Gunslinger – The Gunslinger is a nimble and hard to pinpoint damage dealer who can move and shoot at the same time.
    • Bounty Hunter – Through a wide range of attacks, the Bounty Hunter controls the battlefield and limits their opponents’ capabilities.
    • Sharpshooter – The Sharpshooter can kill primary targets from afar without being noticed.


    Engineers are initially similar in function to Rangers, typically opting for a ranged engagement with the use of various tools. They differ due to their lightning element and summoning abilities in the form of constructs. The Ranger begins with a Shocking Ground skill that electrifies the ground and a Shock Bolt skill that sends out an electric blast.

    At level 7, Engineers can choose from the following Specializations:

    • Technomancer – The Technomancer hits enemies with a staggering performance that leaves everyone stunned.
    • Inquisitor – The Inquisitor can drain enemies of their power and use it against them.
    • Constructor – The Constructor fights from the backline, sending a multitude of constructs against the enemy.


    The Adept fills that classic mage role. Again, the Adept is not usually one to hold the frontlines like the Warrior, but they can certainly deal with groups much easier thanks to a wealth of elemental AoEs. The Adept brings Ice Bolts and a protective Mana Shell immediately to the table when the game begins.

    At level 7, the Adept can choose from the following Specializations:

    • Elementalist – Using their combined power, the Elementalist can devastate enemy formations with plenty of area effects.
    • Combat Medic – Their mere presence can encourage and grant vitality, allowing allies to reject their own limitations.
    • Summoner – Druidic adept who uses their bond with spirits to summon them onto the battlefield.
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