Crysis 3 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Platinum Trophies Will Soon Be Unobtainable

The modern gaming landscape is full of online connections, enabling players to partake in cooperative modes, multiplayer matches and more. While it certainly has its benefits, online play is hardly ever eternal. Server shutdowns happen regularly as titles age and this is often seen in a more frequent occurrence with sports games. But that genre isn’t the only one affected by publisher’s ever-growing catalogs vying for precious server space.

Recently, EA announced a new wave of server closures affecting several of their older lineup. While it was no surprise to see the usual annual sports titles nearing the end of life, two online-enabled games outside that genre were present: Crysis 3 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Given that both games contain trophies tied to the online environment, new players (or those who simply haven’t dived into the online modes) are officially on a timer in regards to obtaining the coveted Platinum trophy for each.

That timer is infinitely shorter for Crysis 3, which is set to shut down its servers in about a month on September 7th. The shutdown will see 13 trophies become unobtainable, with even more ending up barred in The Lost Island DLC. To clarify, this is only affecting the PS3 version of the game. The remastered re-release on PS4 will maintain its online functionality.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has a longer lease on life. EA’s first-person parkour adventure will remain connected until December 8th, at which point two of its trophies will no longer be unlockable. Fortunately, as the community has pointed out, the ‘You Can’t Keep Me Down’ and ‘User Generated Finisher’ are relatively easy to earn and can be completed well before the end-of-year restriction sets in.

Used physical copies of each should run under $10 these days, with Crysis 3 being solely available in disc format since the PS3’s digital storefront has been shuttered for a couple years now. If you’re up to the challenge, knock out these Platinum trophies before they’re gone forever. At the very least, they’ll sit as a digital relic on your PSN profile.

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