Immortals of Aveum Unpacked Trailer Released 234523

Immortals of Aveum Unpacked Trailer Released

Ascendant Studios released a new trailer for Immortals of Aveum, which is a five minute overview of what to expect.

The accompanying Gameplay 101 blog post furthers this by giving players a detailed explanation of each gameplay mechanic.

In Immortals of Aveum, you play as Jak—an unlikely Magnus whose newfound potential has found him in the midst of the Everwar, human kind’s endless conflict over the control of magic. Now, it’s time for you to learn about everything he can do. Wield your magic with sigils and spells, build your loadout with gear and skill trees, and fight to uncover the secrets of Aveum and save the realms.


All magic in Aveum can be distilled into three forms: Blue force magic, Red chaos magic, and Green life magic. Each is used in its own ways and functions differently. Though most Magni are only able to control one color of magic, Triarchs are able to harness all three, though they are much rarer because of that. Jak is one such Magnus, allowing him to tap into all three types of magic.

While you venture through the story of Immortals of Aveum, you’ll gain access to numerous sigils, items, and spells that will allow you to experiment and create unique play. Whether you want to be a jack-of-all-trades or specialize in one color of magic, there’s no wrong way to play.

The most skilled Magni use their magic strategically to greater effect. Different spells can be used in combo, like igniting Green magic Limpets with your Red magic, and some forms of magic are more effective against certain enemies. As a general rule, if you see an enemy empowered and shielded by a specific type of magic, remember to match the magic you attack them with to shred through their defenses.


The primary tool of every Magnus is the Sigil. Sigils allow you to focus and control your magic into powerful attacks.

There are unique sigils for each color of magic and three different variations of each sigil within those colors. These variants function differently based on their spell type, rate of fire, damage output, range, and ammo capacity. As a general rule, however, each color of magic fits a particular style of combat:

  • Red Sigils – These are best suited for close-quarters combat and explosive attacks
  • Blue Sigils – Bolt-based spells that reach out over a long range to do precision damage
  • Green Sigils – Rapid fire armaments that are ideal for mobile combat

Across Aveum, you’ll find plenty of sigil variations to tailor your magic to your playstyle. At any time, you’re able to freely equip and try out different ones to test their unique properties and figure out which is best suited for the fight at hand. Each sigil can also be upgraded at the Forge, so if you find one you really like or want to make stronger, you can do so throughout your journey.


Strike spells are your primary attack and each color of magic has 3 Strike spells to choose from. Combine your Strikes with your Fury and Control spells to create deadly combinations. 

  • Red Strike Spells 
    • Breachfire releases multiple wide bursts magic, Burstfire launches a cannon ball that detonates after a short distance, and Fragfire casts a single, wide burst that staggers enemies at close range (or send them soaring).
  • Blue Strike Spells 
    • Shrikebolt fires long range bolts with precision, Arclight fires a beam that pierces all enemies in its path, and Javelin releases a long- range spear that you can charge up to do more damage.
  • Green Strike Spells
    • Seekershards launches volleys of small homing missiles that track targets, Stormshards fire swarms of homing projectiles ideal for run-and-gun playstyles if you’re willing to sacrifice accuracy, and Maelstrom rapidly fires a volley that become increasingly more accurate with sustained fire but slows your movement speed in the process.


Furies are a step above your sigils in terms of power and provide an impactful form of offense. These spells can be devastating, but using them requires Fury Mana, a limited (but replenishable) resource that fuels these attacks.

Fury Mana is most commonly restored by mana crystals that drop in chests or from enemies during combat, but that’s not your only option. Depending on how you tailor your skill tree progression, you’ll also be able to find other ways to restore this magic resource, such as mana regenerating over time when you’ve run out.


Not all magic is destructive, however. Magic is part of life in Aveum and is integrated into technology and the world around you. This includes how you’ll interact with the world itself. Augments are spells that allow you to do just that. Hover across wide openings, leap across great distances, and restore corrupted parts of the lands as you travel.

That’s only scratching the surface. Augments allow you to move objects, reshape the environment to scale chasms, and solve puzzles that block your way or hide secrets within. And when you need to fortify your own defenses, you can conjure a magical shield to protect yourself while still returning fire through it.


When magic is harnessed into a totem—an object of power attuned to one of the three colors of magic—you’ll be able to manipulate both the world and your enemies in completely new ways.

Using Control spells, you’ll be able to slow enemies and objects with Limpets, pull them close with your Lash, and even stun enemies with a precision beam from your Disrupt lens.


When all else fails, you can’t. As you fight through battles in the Everwar, your ultimate attack, a Dominion spell known as Immolate, will charge up.

By combining all three colors of magic, you harness their full power into a beam of pure annihilation. Use it to raze legions of enemies to the ground or to burn through even the strongest of foes.


In addition to being able to upgrade your sigils, you’ll also find many other avenues of progression in Immortals of Aveum. The game features 25 spells and over 80 talents to unlock on your talent tree. Each branch of the tree primarily focuses on one of the three colors of magic, but encourages you to experiment with all three, allowing you to specialize or generalize to your playstyle.

Of course, you won’t be restricted from experimenting, though. You’ll be able to easily reallocate your talent points for a cost by visiting a Forge. It’s at these Forges that you’ll also be able to purchase and upgrade the hundreds of unique items in the game.

This includes the Sigils, Totems, Rings, and Bracers you can equip. Each of them has unique properties that will boost your stats, so equipping the right gear can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your build and overall power. Make sure to test out different combinations to help yourself become as offensive, defensive, or versatile as you want to be. Your gear and talents allow you to customize your magic to your own playstyle. 


You’ll venture to many places during your time in Aveum, exploring twelve unique biomes across the world. You’ll quickly find yourself venturing through the larger world. Immortals of Aveum plays host to three bustling hubs where you can chat with local denizens, embark on missions, or refine your gear in the Forge.

But Aveum is also home to vast reaches of wildness, vibrant landscapes, unknown depths, and ancient ruins from times of peace and war. Each of these can be filled with dangers, from Rashanian troops to beasts that are ever on the prowl.

Between is all is the Wound, a formless, growing void that divides the land and constantly threatens to consume more. There is great mystery surrounding the existence of these vast depths, but the more imminent threat lies beyond it.

Though the Order of the Immortals fights on the side of Lucium, across the Wound is Rasharn, a large, prosperous kingdom and Lucium’s archenemy. This nation is led by the tyrant Sandrakk, and under his rule the armies of Rasharn have marched across the world, conquering and destroying any who stand in their way.

Lucium is strong, but Rasharn’s might grows stronger every day. It’s now up to Jak and the Immortals to save not only their home but the homes of all free peoples of Aveum. Fight alongside daring warriors like Devyn and Zendara under the guidance of Grand Magnus Kirkan, meet characters who have their own agendas and goals, and become an Immortal.

If you want to learn more about the characters and story, be sure to keep an eye out for our next blog that will release alongside our panel at San Diego Comic Con, too! For much more on Immortals of Aveum, be sure to visit our YouTube channel, check out our other blogs, and consider joining our Discord community to chat with others about the game. And if you want to learn more right now, read the blog from Ascendant Studios that tells you Everything You Need to Know About IoA’s Gameplay!

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Expect all of this and more when Immortals of Aveum releases on Aug. 22 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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