Bayonetta 3 Shirts and Accessories Announced

Bayonetta 3 Shirts and Accessories Announced

Fans of Bayonetta rejoice, a number of official shirts, phone cases, and more based off the various entries were revealed.

Starting off the collection is a series of shirts based off Viola’s outfits in Bayonetta 3. Every design is present, though certain color schemes were either removed, or changed. Each shirt comes in S, M, L, and XL sizes for ¥3,300 ($24~). Preorders can be placed here, with delivery anticipated sometime in July.

This collection also includes a shirt that showcases images found on the packaging of all three entries, plus some other familiar faces. Like the previous shirt they’re available in S, M, L, and XL sizes for ¥6,930 ($51~). These are also available for preorder, with release set for Aug.

Those looking for simpler designs have Bayonetta in one of her more common poses, and a shirt with The Gates of Hell logo on the front. The Bayonetta design comes in L, and XL for ¥3,850 ($28~). The Gates of Hell comes in S, M, L, and XL for slightly less at ¥3,300 ($24~). Both shirts are available for preorder with fulfillment expected in July.

The collection also includes a single long sleeve design featuring Gomorrah. This design is also limited to L, and XL sizes, and costs a little more at ¥4,620 ($34~). Preorders are open with fulfillment expected in July.

Two phone case designs were also revealed. The one featuring the Umbra Witch symbol fits iPhones from iPhone 8, all the way until iPhone 14. The wallet style case comes in three sizes, which fits iPhone 6 though X, including plus models, or Android phones that meet the specifications listed in the final image. These cases are ¥2,750 ($20) for the Umbra design, with the 138 folio being ¥4,180 ($31), 148 going for ¥4,400 ($32), and finally¥4,620 ($34) for 158. Like the other products, these are available for preorder with an expected release of July.

This collection concludes with a Bayonetta sticker, Cheshire keychain, and The Gates of Hell shot glass. Each item is available for preorder, with the sticker costing ¥550 ($4~), keychain being¥880 ($6.5~), and ¥1,650 ($12~) for the shot glass. Fulfillment of these are also expected in July.

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