Rumor: Various Signs Point to Persona 3 Remake Being Real; Jet Set Radio Might Also be in the Works 1

Rumor: Various Signs Point to Persona 3 Remake Being Real; Jet Set Radio Might Also be in the Works

Around the time Persona 3 through 5 were announced for modern platforms, there were rumors of a Persona 3 remake. This choice seemed unusual, given the classic version was just announced, with people like ResetEra user lolilolailo, who leaked the aforementioned games, saying it was similar to Persona 5.

Later reports indicate it was planned for a Jan. 2023 reveal that didn’t happen for an undisclosed reason.

Since then little was said about Persona 3 Remake besides it was still in development until Twitter user AVtoGAMEnoYAMI posted an interesting video saying they hope “this” will be officially announced.

Shortly after an “anonymous” user gave AVtoGAMEnoYAMI the full clip that is supposedly from an internal meeting back in 2021.

The clip includes the previously seen Persona 3 animation, along with content from Sonic Frontiers, and Jet Set Radio. Players more familiar with Sonic Frontiers claim the content shows a cut boss that apparently appears in the art book. I quickly tried to verify this claim by looking at the digital art book, but did not see this particular boss. Instead, it looks very similar to “Caterpillar,” just with a different color and attack pattern. Whatever the case might be, it certainly adds some weight to this being real.

As for Jet Set Radio, it’s part of another rather long standing rumor that came from a Bloomberg article from Apr. 2022. Shortly after images of Jet Set Radio appeared online that supposedly came from a Swagbucks survey. SEGABits posted these images, along with some additional photos of what this might look like.

These two factors, along with the quality of the Persona 3 video strongly suggest the leaks are real.

While it’s currently impossible to say if the video is real, any of the other evidence, or less substantial rumors like the supposed domain, Gematsu owner, Sal Romano, noted it was their understanding Persona 3 Remake is in development. They unfortunately also noted they could not confirm or deny the aforementioned video is real.

Given the flurry of news, and other information that released this weekend, it will be interesting to see if this prompts a “surprise” announcement, or will there be a bit more time before we know what is really going on.

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