Nintendo Switch to End X (Twitter) Support in June

Nintendo Switch to End X (Twitter) Support in June

Starting June 10, Nintendo Switch will no longer support uploading content directly to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. This change will affect the ability to send friend requests via social media integration and post images directly from the console. Games that have features integrated with X will also see changes. For example, posting screenshots from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Smash World will be discontinued.

Nintendo’s decision follows the changes X made to its API, which now incurs significantly higher costs for companies wishing to access it. Last year, similar support was discontinued on PlayStation and Xbox consoles due to these changes.

The gaming community on X, one of the platform’s most vibrant groups, will need to adapt. Starting June 11, Nintendo Switch users will have to download their game media to their smartphones and then upload it to X. This marks a shift in how players will share their gaming moments.

Nintendo has not directly cited the API pricing as the reason for this change, but it aligns with decisions made by other console manufacturers. Users looking to share their gaming experiences on X will have to use alternative methods post this integration cutoff.

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