Miyazaki Reveals His Favorite Games

Miyazaki Reveals His Favorite Games

Many have wondered about Hidetaka Miyazaki’s favorite games. The President of FromSoftware recently answered this question in an interview, revealing that his top picks are the first Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

Miyazaki’s admiration for Bloodborne has been evident for years. This dark, gothic action RPG has received praise from both the community and critics. In the interview, Miyazaki stated, “My child, first Dark Souls and Bloodborne,” highlighting these two titles as particularly significant to him.

Miyazaki Reveals His Favorite Games

He explained that both games left a massive impression on him. Fans have long speculated about Miyazaki’s preferences, often debating which game he holds in highest regard. Now, it’s clear that these two games are closest to his heart.

Miyazaki also mentioned King’s Field 2 as a favorite from the wider FromSoftware catalog. Furthermore, he praised Elden Ring for its success, noting that it has sold 25 million units, marking a huge milestone for the company.

The demand for a Bloodborne remake has been substantial, and Miyazaki acknowledged this interest, agreeing that it would allow more players to experience the game. Despite this, both Dark Souls and Bloodborne currently remain dormant in terms of new releases.

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