PS5 Gamers Spending More Despite Buying Fewer Games

PS5 Gamers Spending More Despite Buying Fewer Games

PS5 gamers are spending more money than ever, but not on new games. Instead, they are investing heavily in add-ons and microtransactions. This trend has resulted in a significant increase in overall spending, despite a decline in full game purchases.

According to a recent report, PS5 players have spent 26% more than PS4 players at the same stage in the console’s life cycle. Total spending has reached $731 million, up from $580 million for PS4. However, there has been a 12% decrease in full game sales.

PS5 Gamers Spending More Despite Buying Fewer Games

PS5 gamers are driving this shift with increased spending on microtransactions and extra content. This type of spending has surged by 176%. Popular games like Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and Call of Duty exemplify this trend. Instead of buying new games, players are enhancing their experiences in games they already own.

Additionally, PS Plus subscription revenue has grown by 57%. More gamers are also buying accessories, further boosting Sony’s profits. The new PS Plus plans offer a vast library of downloadable games, making it less appealing to purchase new titles.

This trend reflects a broader shift in gaming habits. Players prefer investing in ongoing games that continually update with new content, providing a dynamic and engaging experience. As a result, Sony is focusing on developing its own live service hits to capitalize on this trend.

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