Destiny 2: The Final Shape Adds New Enemy Faction and More 3453

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Adds New Enemy Faction and More

Bungie revealed a number of exciting things about Destiny 2: The Final Shape, including a new enemy faction, prismatic subclass, and more.

With Destiny 2: The Final Shape players adds the Dread faction. This is the first enemy faction to be added since Scorn with Destiny 2: Forsaken. This group includes the already available Tormentors, the previously revealed Subjugators, plus Grim, Husk, Attendant, and Weaver units.

According to Bungie, Grim are flying enemies that slow/suppress a Guardian’s abilities if they get too close. Husk are as fast moving enemy that utilize a deployable geist unless you hit their weak spot. Attendant and Weavers use Stasis and Strand respectively, and can “instantly change the flow of the encounter” by forcing players to change position.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Adds New Enemy Faction and More 3453

To help combat these new threats is a unique subclass called Prismatic. As the name suggests, it allows Guardians to wield Light and Darkness together to create unstoppable new combos. They all also boast a unique grenade that combines multiple subclass elements. These include Warlocks with Stasis/Void, Titans will have Strand/Arc, and Hunters gain Solar/Stasis.

Bungie also confirmed Exotic class items will return. These perks will be randomized, taking two features from existing Exotic class items. Part of what makes them exciting is the ability to use perks previously unavailable on said class.

Reddit user Hawkmoona_Matata went through the livestream “frame-by-frame” to create a list of perks shown.

Rewatched the stream basically frame by frame, here’s everything I found. These perks tend to lean towards subclass neutral effects, however this is not a firm rule. 

Before we begin, however, two observations: 

  • These perks are only active while you have a “Prismatic” subclass equipped
  • These perks only contain “half” of the exotic they’re from. For example, Spirit of Ophidian only has the handling boost from Ophidian Aspect, but not the reload boost. Spirit of the Assassin only has the invisibility from Cowl, but not the healing. 

Now, onto the perks:

  • Spirit of Ophidian: All weapons ready faster (note this is written as ready speed, not pure handling)
  • Spirit of the Star-Eater: While your super is full, orbs overcharge your super, granting bonus damage
  • Spirit of the Assassin: Powered melee kills and finishers turn you invisible 
  • Spirit of Synthocepts: Increased melee damage while surrounded
  • Spirit of Liar’s Handshake (Spirit of The Liar?): Unknown (shown as Cross Counter on a UI buff, despite the hunter not wearing any known visual on their arm that matches Liar’s Handshake). Unclear if this is the healing or melee damage boost, but it does combine with Spirit of the Assassin.
  • Spirit of Verity’s Brow: Unknown (shown as 10 seconds of “Death Throes” on a Hunter’s UI, unclear if this is the grenade damage boost or grenade regen boost)
  • Spirit of Heart of Inmost Light: Unknown (shown as “Empowered Abilities”, stacks to x2 when the Hunter uses two abilities). Unclear if this is the damage boost or regen boost.
  • Spirit of Caliban: Powered melee kills cause an ignition 
  • Spirit of the Coyote: Gain a second dodge (class ability?) charge
  • Spirit of The Stag: Gain x2 Resist upon casting your class ability
    • (This one is speculative, but at 32:06 of the youtube stream, the warlock casts a healing rift and grants their ally x2 resist, however they are not wearing The Stag, but they are wearing the class item)

While this gives players a lot to look forward to, today is also the release of Destiny 2: Into the Light. At release players can get the craftable Whisper of the Worm, six of the 12 BRAVE weapons, plus the new hoard mode.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Adds New Enemy Faction and More 34534

As previously revealed, special versions of the BRAVE weapons are also available with a limited-edition ornament. One is given to every player, with a curated roll, by finishing a specific quest. The remaining weapons seem to be unique to the full 50 round Onslaught mode, with reports indicating successful completion does not guarantee even one.

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