Resident Evil 4 Update 1.05 Patch Notes Arrive

Capcom has released a new update for Resident Evil 4 today on all platforms. The version number is 1.05 and it comes with several improvements and bug fixes.

Capcom revealed the patch notes over on the official Resident Evil website. Check out the details down below.

April 24, 2023

[PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4 / Xbox Series X|S / Steam]
  • An issue where certain key items become unobtainable, preventing the player from progressing through the main story, has been fixed. (Announced March 31, 2023)
  • An issue causing players to warp through walls when using the scope in certain areas has been fixed.
[PS5 / PS4]
  • Incorrect text displaying for certain trophy explanations in some languages has been fixed.
    (Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish)
  • An issue preventing the game from launching when downloadable content has been installed and an account with content restrictions is logged in has been fixed.
  • Fixes to the stick dead zone (the range in which the controller’s sticks don’t respond to movement) made on April 7 have been further adjusted.
  • Changes to the graphics rendering process made on April 7 have been readjusted.
[PS5 / PS4 / XSX|S / Steam]
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.
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