Analyst Predicts Xbox Game Pass to Hit 200 Million Subscribers in Next Decade

Analyst Predicts Xbox Game Pass to Hit 200 Million Subscribers in Next Decade

Xbox Game Pass is on a path to hit an ambitious milestone, with a target of 200 million subscribers in the next decade, as reported by an analyst. Currently, the service boasts 34 million members but aims to grow significantly. This optimism stems from the success of major game launches and strategic plans for future console sales.

Microsoft’s Game Pass, offering top-tier games from their release, has seen substantial growth, albeit at a slower pace recently. Analyst Michael Pachter is betting on this growth to continue, potentially reaching the 200 million mark. Such a leap would require a sixfold increase in subscriber count, a challenging yet not impossible feat given the unpredictable nature of the gaming industry.

Game Pass’s strategy includes launching acclaimed titles like Diablo 4 and the anticipated inclusion of Call of Duty titles starting 2024. Despite trailing behind PS Plus, mainly due to console sales differences, Microsoft is not sitting back. Plans to release two next-gen consoles and a handheld device by 2026 could be a game-changer, potentially boosting subscriber numbers significantly.

Currently, the future of Xbox Game Pass looks promising, with Microsoft’s commitment to its growth and the anticipation of new console releases. The journey to 200 million subscribers is uncertain but eagerly watched by gaming enthusiasts and industry analysts alike.

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