New Destiny 2 Infinite Legendary Shard Glitch Discovered (Updated)

Earlier this week Bungie released a rather substantial Destiny 2 patch, which fixed some things, broke other things, and added stuff related to their upcoming Guardian Games event. During these times players test various things, with some people discovering the previous year’s Guardian Games class item dismantles into Glimmer, legendary shards, and Gunsmith reputation.

The reason this is important is the class item in question costs 777 Glimmer to pull from your collection. This means you can essentially spend 777 Glimmer, get the item, and then dismantle it into roughly four Legendary Shards, 250 Glimmer, and six Gunsmith rank progress.

New Destiny 2 Infinite Legendary Shard Glitch Guide

Performing the glitch is pretty straightforward. Start by going to the vault and depositing all your class items. Next, go to the Collections page, select Armor, and you’ll find the item under Events. The item you want to find is Medal Mantle (Hunter), Medal Bond (Warlock), or Mark of Medal (Titan). After purchasing nine, dismantle them and you should get around 34 Shards, 2,113 Glimmer, and 50 reputation.

It took me about a minute to do this, so that is over 2,000 shards an hour if you want to really stockpile them. The best thing isn’t that this works, and will almost certainly get patched, it’s how this can be done infinitely.

It takes about three class items (2,331 Glimmer) to get enough Legendary Shards to purchase 10,000 Glimmer from Master Rahool. So, you can purchase over 13 class items with the Glimmer from 10 Legendary Shards, which is a net of about 42 Legendary Shards. This makes it well worth it for anyone looking to focus a bunch of items, want Raid Banners, or just stockpile them.

Update: Removed.

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