Dragon Ball: The Breakers Season Two Now Live

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Season Two Now Live

The second season for Dragon Ball: The Breakers is now live for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

This update brings the highly anticipated Vegeta raider, who starts as a Saibaman, changes to Nappa, followed by Vegeta, and ends with his Great Ape form. To unlock Vegeta you need to use 550 TP Tokens. Skins for Chi-Chi, and Yajirobe were also added for 550 TP Tokens. Those looking for all of the above can purchase a bundle for 1,320 TP Tokens.

The new season also brings a brand new Dragon Tier to unlock. The pass now includes 70 levels, with the final 20 levels including a custom voice line for Frieza, several summon tickets, and a full set of accessories that make up Bardock’s battle suit. Like last season, level 50 also unlocks a skin, with the feature character being King Furry. Along with these items, the pass includes some notable items, such as Master Roshi’s beard.

Teen Gohan, and Goku in super Saiyan forms are the first transpheres of the new season. Teen Gohan gains the skill Ki Control at four stars, and Exploration Enthusiast [Cooldown] at three. Goku adds his iconic Instant Transmission at five stars, with Ki Tracking at three. In addition to the characters, the gacha system was improved. When using 10 summons, you’ll get one item from the drop rate guaranteed category. This is a curated list of mostly newer transpheres with a far more favorable obtain rate. All players also start this season off with 10 seasonal summon tickets.

Finally, a second episode was added. This one explores Vegeta, giving you an idea how his mechanics work, and what to expect. Best of all, a special stamp is unlocked depicting his infamous over 9,000 scene.

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