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Metal: Hellsinger Free Horde Mode Update is Now Available

The Outsiders and Funcom detailed Metal: Hellsinger’s latest update, which includes a Horde Mode for all players, plus a purchasable Purgatrory DLC pack.

The brand new horde mode challenges players to defeat powerful demons across various arenas. To aid in doing so players will be given power-ups after each successful round, with a unique skin to warn all of your rhythmic shooting talents.

Metal: Hellsinger Horde Mode Free Update 

Horde Mode has arrived! Escape the maw of the Leviathan and battle waves of increasingly challenging demons on various arenas. 

Between each wave, choose one of three power-ups, and build yourself into a mean demon-slaying machine. The farther you get, the more void echoes you’ll earn, which can be spent on permanent upgrades between runs. 

You can even create your own Horde Mode playlist, so the music shuffles between songs you’ve selected when you progress to another arena. 

Should you succeed in completing the new mode, you will be rewarded with a badass new skin for the Unknown, giving you the power to spread her wings and glide slowly to the ground.


If that isn’t enough, the new Purgatory DLC adds three original songs written by the talented Two Feathers.

Purgatory DLC 

There’s a lot of incredible talent rocking the world right now. To catch them, and then channel their furious voices into Metal: Hellsinger, is a sight to behold. A sight – or sound, rather – that you can hear right now, with the Purgatory DLC! 

Put the pedal to the heavy metal with three new original songs, written by Two Feathers: 

  • Goodbye, My Morning Star performed by Matt Heafy (Trivium) 
  • Swallow the Fire performed by Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum) 
  • Mouth of Hell performed by Joe Bad (Fit for an Autopsy) 

Strongly disagree with the denizens of Hell using a new tool of destruction: The Telos bow. 

  • Slay demons with arrows from a powerful bow. 
  • Deal extra headshot damage and charge up your shots. 
  • Pick up fired arrows to shoot without pause. 
  • Unleash a hail of arrows in a wide area with your ultimate. 

Lastly, slay like nobody’s watching with three new cosmetic skins, available in the Outfits screen. 


Along with these exciting new content, a number of bug fixes/changes were also made.

Metal: Hellsinger Latest Update

New game mode: Leviathan

  • Pick up from where the story ends in the Main Campaign with the new Leviathan horde game mode, accessible from the main menu.
  • Find a way to escape the maw of the beast, through three arenas, hordes of demons, and a new boss fight! 
  • The Leviathan is ever in flux, and the order of the arenas will be different every time you begin your escape.
  • To carve a path forward, you’ll need to hone your skills: kill demons, gather Echo Shards for experience, unlock new Memories and upgrade choices, at the Altar of Echoes. 
  • Beware of the Leviathan’s decaying aura – weapons will fade from your hands and the Unknown’s usual methods of destruction are not to be taken for granted. 
  • Find comfort in death by gathering Void Echoes; with enough of them, you can unlock Dreams, more permanent abilities, that will aid you in your next escape attempt. And the next one. And the next one… 
  • If you change your mind, you can reset your Dreams, and try a different path. 
  • Encounter a new foe! Defeating the final boss unlocks a new outfit (which comes with its own new ability, too. Unlock it to find out!). 
  • Use any of the songs you have available to create a Leviathan Playlist, which will shuffle and give each arena a song of its own. 
  • If you choose only one song, only that one favorite track will play. 
  • If no choice is made, all the songs you have available will shuffle. 
  • Note: the Leviathan Playlist does not affect the boss music in Leviathan. 

New paid DLC: Purgatory

  • 3 New Original Tracks by Two Feathers
    • Mouth of Hell, performed by Joe Bad (from Fit For an Autopsy).
    • Swallow the Fire, performed by Melissa Bonny (from Ad Infinitum).
    • Goodbye, My Morning Star, performed by Matt Heafy (from Trivium).
    • Slay to the beats of these three hellish tunes in any of the levels via Song selector -including in the new Leviathan Mode! Note: These songs are not available for Boss fights.
  • 1 New Weapon: Telos, The Final word.
    • Telos is a sharpshooting charge weapon, able to deal extra damage on headshots. 
    • Perfect the timing of charges to wreak unspeakable havoc on the demons of the hells.
  • 3 New skins
    • The Unknown’s default skin has received three new varieties, available in the Outfits screen.


  • Fixed a crash where the game would become unresponsive on a black screen after skipping a Torment Story quickly.
  • Fixed an issue in the tutorial where Paz functionality information and Fury Meter would not appear if performing Slaughter right after picking up Paz.
  • Fury Meter would not be present in the Tutorial if switching to Terminus right after picking up Paz. This has been fixed.
  • The Red Right Hands’ ultimate charge was not reset after resurrecting when weapon’s ultimate ability is active while dying. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Annihilator Seraph where its wave attack would target the area behind you if you jumped during the attack.
  • Vulcan’s ultimate ability should now have effect on idle enemies.
  • Dark Devotee’s shield should no longer be removed when in the Vulcan explosion radius.
  • Interrupting active The Red Right Hand’s ultimate should no longer reset ultimate fired reticle.
  • Annihilator Seraph’s can now be headshotted.
  • Fixed a small visual issue with the Fury VFX when using Dark Devotee.
  • Fixed an issue where Terminus would be held incorrectly after switching from the Red Right Hand in specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where outfits would sometime show in unintended situations.
  • Ultimate reticle should no longer become frozen in reload state when weapons are switched during reload.
  • Options on the Summary Screen should no longer appear invisible or dimmed if the summary was skipped immediately after the end of the level.
  • Fixed an issue in the song selection screen where some tracks would not be visible under very specific circumstances.
  • Fixed some issues that would not show the exclamation mark for new content under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed some visual issues in the song selection screen when playing with certain language localizations. 
  • Selecting the red diamond icon for the currently displayed level via mouse cursor should no longer result in the arrow keys becoming unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t select a Stage Card located on the far right side using a mouse under specific circumstances.
  • Updated some text under settings that referred to deprecated settings terminology.
  • ‘Custom’ and ‘Low’ Overall Graphics Quality settings should no longer override each other.
  • Fixed an issue where the Stalker could may Phase outside of the Second Arena in Yhelm.
  • Fixed an issue where a Marionette could move outside of the First Arena in Acheron.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could teleport outside of the Fourth Arena in Acheron.
  • Fixed an issue where a Stalker could Phase outside of the Second Arena in Acheron.


  • The Hounds turret firing is now felt in controllers based on distance from it.
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