The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom Brings New Arcanist Class

Another year, another chapter announcement for The Elder Scrolls Online. And this one is particularly exciting. Bethesda has announced The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom, the upcoming chapter expansion to the already expansive MMO, and it includes an all-new class: the arcanist.

Players are welcomed to the Telvanni Peninsula on the eastern coast of mainland Morrowind, including a region not seen since the original The Elder Scrolls: Arena from 1994. Here, embedded in this sprawling and mysterious DLC, players can build up an arcanist and wield the power of Oblivion itself.

Arcanists utilize tomes and runes to unleash powerful a wide array of abilities, falling into one of three role-focused skill lines — Herald of the Tome, Curative Runeforms and Apocryphal Soldier. There are bedazzling beams, terrifying tendrils and place-swapping portals to be leveraged in solo and group play when you stride the lands of Tamriel (and beyond) as an arcanist.

We have yet to see all the class has to offer, but assurances have been made that greater insight will be provided as we near Necrom‘s June 2023 release dates for PC and console. You can head to the game’s official page to pre-order the new chapter and enjoy some immediate rewards.

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