Gungrave G.O.R.E's Latest Update Adds Bunji, New Trophy/Achievements, and More 1

Gungrave G.O.R.E’s Latest Update Adds Bunji, New Trophy/Achievements, and More

IGGYMOB and publisher Prime Matter released a new patch for Gungrave G.O.R.E that makes Bunji playable outside of his stage, and various other improvements.

After downloading the patch, players will be able to select Bunji instead of Grave, and play through the story with him. Bunji also includes his own skills, making the experience slightly different than the one offered by Grave. In addition to giving players a new way to play, unlocking him will give a trophy, as will purchasing every skill, and beating the Gungrave G.O.R.E as him.

Version 1.02 also includes a variety of improvements, fixes, and changes that can be found below:

Improvement on presentation of Demolition shots

  • Camera changes for controllable skills like Hell hound, Hellfire, and Death Sentence
  • Added camera presentation for some Demolition shots like Raging Inferno

System Improvement

  • Gimmicks that were against players removed
  • Polished Dodge with stronger dodging mechanic and polished animation
  • Polished Charging to be chained from various actions fluently
  • Shooting will be executed on pressing the button
  • Grave’s Charge Shot has 4 levels now
  • Added Dodge Charge Shot and Jump Charge Shot
  • Players can now change difficulty at Continue screen.
  • Deleted auto target disabled state in smoke & deleted tutorial on the smoke
  • Dodge shot shoots 6 bullets instead of 4 bullets
  • Added UI effect for changing to full auto shooting mode
  • Polished Boss NPCs’ attack speed and damage
  • Made lock-on functionality more fluent while using certain skills
  • Polished Idle motion
  • Improved Quick turn functionality
  • Improved parts when skills not being canceled while using them.
  • Improved range and hit effect of mines
  • Improved PC reaction when exploding objects are exploding
  • Improved Grave’s moving speed
  • Improved shooting functions to work when executed while shooting in full auto mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Added glasses on Classic Grave
  • Fixed issue that invincibility function not working after using skills: Bunji, Quartz
  • Fixed issue that Fury mode being activated infinitely when Bunji uses Burst mode while on Full Auto mode.
  • Fixed issue that Bunji not having height limits in his close combat.
  • Fixed issue that Shots not being canceled when dodge is used while shooting: Grave, Bunji
  • Fixed issue that NPCs shrinking down when hit by Bunji’s Shoot Up skill
  • Fixed issue that some of the animations for Idle motion not being executed properly
  • Fixed issue that the time between activating burst mode on a shot in full auto mode not matching the description in the burst mode tutorial.
  • Fixed issue that cartoon mode not being applied to New Orgmen that were summoned by Big-Wushen
  • Fixed issue that cartoon mode not being applied to Brandon Heat when he’s using his Brotherhood Demolition Shot.
  • Fixed issue that NPCs not reacting when hit by Demolition Shot, Hell Hound
  • Fixed issue that the projectiles of Hell Hound not flying to the crosshair.

This, along with the previous updates, shows a commitment to address concerns players had with the original version. It’s great to see developers take feedback from the community, and attempt to address it to make a better overall product.

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