Honkai: Star Rail Rides onto PlayStation 5 Today with Massive Version 1.4 34534

Honkai: Star Rail Rides onto PlayStation 5 Today with Massive Version 1.4

HoYoverse confirmed Honkai: Star Rail is now available on PlayStation 5 with the highly anticipated version 1.4.

The PlayStation 5 version of Honkai: Star Rail is said to effortlessly deliver native 4K resolution and quick loading due to its fast SSD.

The Honkai: Star Rail creative and development teams benefit greatly from the PS5™’s exceptional hardware capabilities, making it an ideal platform for Trailblazers on their cosmic journey. The PS5™ effortlessly achieves native 4K resolution, which helps immerse players in the captivating alien landscapes. Moreover, the game efficiently leverages PS5™’s robust performance to deliver enhanced visual effects to Trailblazers. The Alchemy Commission, one of the most representative locations within the Xianzhou Luofu, can be an example where the game seamlessly delivers Volumetric Fog and renders high-quality water features, creating lifelike representation with intricate layers of the level design, and varying wavelengths that produce authentic motion and reflections respectively.
Beyond visual enhancements, the PS5™’s impressive SSD performance ensures swift file loading, resulting in a smoother and more seamless intergalactic adventure. In addition to these improvements on the PS5™ engine, the Honkai: Star Rail team remains committed to enhancing the player experience by developing new content and optimizing existing elements through long-term content updates.

Press Release

Those on PlayStation 5 can also load their account from PC or mobile by linking your PSN account with the HoYoverse account you wish to use. It should be a fairly simple process, though those experiencing issues can refer to their expanded FAQ to troubleshoot.

If adding new players isn’t exciting enough, version 1.4 is now available for everyone. This version includes new characters, challenges, and a lot of bug fixes.

Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.4

1. New Areas

■ Pillars of Creation

The final resting place of all of Belobog’s secrets. Cocolia, the Stellaron, the Colossus… The ice encases all memories.

■ Old Weapon Testing Ground

Seven hundred years ago, the automaton assembly lines were an essential part of Belobog’s heavy industry — industries and technologies that have long been forgotten by the people.

2. New Characters

■ 5-Star character Jingliu (Destruction: Ice)

Jingliu is a DPS character that enhances her own attacks by entering a special state. In battle, she utilizes the special state to strengthen herself, have her Action Advanced, and use powerful abilities.

■ 5-Star character Topaz & Numby (The Hunt: Fire)

Topaz operates with her work partner, Numby. In battle, Numby will automatically attack enemies, while Topaz can enhance Numby’s DMG. In exploration, Numby will move with Topaz and can discover unobtained treasure.

■ 4-Star character Guinaifen (Nihility: Fire)

Guinaifen is a support character who can inflict Burn on enemy targets, as well as increase the damage taken by enemies suffering from Burn.

3. New Light Cones

■ 5-Star I Shall Be My Own Sword (Destruction)

Obtainable through Brilliant Fixation Light Cone Event Warp.

■ 5-Star Worrisome, Blissful (The Hunt)

Obtainable through Brilliant Fixation Light Cone Event Warp.

4. New Story

■ Trailblaze Continuance “Jarilo-VI — Future Market”

On the eve of Belobog’s Solwarm Festival, a messenger from the Interastral Peace Corporation arrives at Belobog…

Availability: Permanently open after the Version 1.4 update

Unlock Conditions: Complete the Trailblaze Mission “Xianzhou Luofu — Obsequies Performed, A Long Road Ahead”

■ Companion Mission “Clouds Leave No Trace”

An anonymous letter silently appears on the Express. It seems an unexpected visitor has extended an invitation, and is looking to connect with Dan Heng.

Availability: Permanently available after the Version 1.4 update

Unlock Conditions: Complete the Trailblaze Mission “Xianzhou Luofu — Obsequies Performed, A Long Road Ahead”

5. New Events

■ Aetherium Wars

The most influential online gaming brand in the universe, Aetherium Wars, is holding an offline Interastral Tournament Festival for fans on Jarilo-VI — Compete for the championship with your Aether Spirit companions.

Event Period: After the Version 1.4 update – 2023/11/13 03:59:00(server time)

Unlock Conditions: Complete the Trailblaze Continuance “Jarilo-VI — Future Market (II)”

■ Planar Infinity

Herta and the three other Genius Society members made some “tiny” renovations to the Simulated Universe, but each of them threw in their own spanner in the works — the code was all messed up, and the program began to expand endlessly!

Event Period: 2023/10/27 12:00:00– 2023/11/13 03:59:00(server time)

Unlock Conditions: Clear Simulated Universe: World 5

■ Gift of Odyssey

Log in every day during the event to obtain check-in rewards. Trailblazers can claim Star Rail Special Pass ×10 after checking in for 7 days!

※ Please refer to future announcements for information on other events.

6. Others

■ Enemies

Grunt — Field Personnel, Grunt — Security Personnel, Senior Staff — Team Leader

■ Gameplay

Memory Turbulence and enemy lineup in “Forgotten Hall: Memory of Chaos” have been updated. Please check out the following for details:

Living and Flaming Catastrophes

2023/10/16 04:00:00– 2023/10/30 04:00:00(server time)

When the same ally acts consecutively, they receive 1 stack of Memory Imprint. When allies with Memory Imprint attack, every Memory Imprint stack has a 40% fixed chance to inflict the target with Dissociation that lasts for 1 turn. Allies affected by Memory Imprint deal 15% more DMG. This effect cannot be stacked. When a different ally acts, remove all Memory Imprint stacks on the field.

Dissociation: Targets are considered as Frozen and cannot take actions for a certain period of time. When this effect is dispelled, the target will receive Additional Ice DMG equivalent to 15% of their Max HP.

Ambrosial Arbor’s Arrival

2023/10/30 04:00:00 – 2023/11/13 04:00:00(server time)

At the start of every Wave or Cycle, apply Memory Imprint to an enemy target of elite level or higher. When targets with Memory Imprint receive DMG, other enemy targets receive DMG equal to 30% of the original DMG. This effect lasts until the start of the next Cycle.

Divine Root Subdual

2023/11/13 04:00:00 – 2023/11/27 04:00:00(server time)

After a character unleashes an Ultimate or a follow-up attack, deals Additional DMG of a random Type equal to 60% of the attacking character’s ATK to the enemy target for 4 times.

■ Stage

Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Scorch

Unlock Conditions: Complete the Adventure Mission “Stagnant Shadow” and unlock map Jarilo-VI — Great Mine.

Stage Description: Clear the stage to obtain the new Fire-type character Ascension material “Searing Steel Blade.”

Location: Jarilo-VI — Great Mine

■ System

Adds Strategic Training system to the Interastral Peace Guide. Complete the training to receive Stellar Jades and other rewards.

Adds Story Recap Function. During story missions, Trailblazers can view the record of the current story dialogue, and replay voice lines in voiced story content.

■ Others

Adds new achievements to “The Rail Unto the Stars,” “Moment of Joy,” “The Memories We Share,” and “Eager for Battle.”

Adds new Chat Box. Can be obtained in the “Aetherium Wars” event.

Adds button tap sound effects to certain interfaces in controller mode.

Added more dialogue content for certain NPCs, readables, and Pom-Pom.

Adds messages for certain characters. These messages will be sent following the storylines with future version updates.

Adds additional text to the game’s loading screen and when a challenge is failed.

Adds some new sticker emotes to Messages.

Adds new photos to the photo wall on March 7th’s room. Trailblazers can check it out after completing the corresponding Trailblaze Continuance.

Adds voice lines for some parts of the Simulated Universe tutorial.

Supports the vibration functions of DualSense™ controllers and certain XBOX controllers

▌Adjustments and Optimizations

■ Characters and Enemies

Optimizes the ability description of Tingyun (Harmony: Lightning)’s Skill. This change does not affect the Skill’s actual effects.

Optimizes how some characters resume Sprint after using Technique while sprinting. Also optimizes enemy targeting for close-range characters’ attacks.

Optimizes the ability usage logic for some characters in auto-battle.

Adjusts the enemy Entranced Ingenium: Golden Cloud Toad’s SPD decrease ability, to prevent characters from having their SPD decreased into negative numbers.

Optimizes the description of the enemy The Ascended (Error)’s ability “Vitals Drained.” This change does not affect the ability’s actual effects.

■ Combat

Optimizes the animation effects on the Action Order: blue for allies, and red for enemies.

Optimizes the UI display for HP. Before using an ability that costs HP, the amount of HP to be consumed will be displayed. This optimization affects the following: characters Arlan (Destruction: Lightning) and Blade (Destruction: Wind), as well as certain Blessings from the Path of Destruction in Simulated Universe.

Optimizes the HP UI display when ally characters are affected by the Prana-Siphon effect, and when the effect is removed.

Optimizes the display in the Action Order when the number of actions exceeds what the interface can display.

When allies are affected by Entanglement, Imprisonment, Outrage, or Freeze, or when they are Dominated or Imprisoned, the status bar will display the corresponding status icons.

Optimizes the DoT icon clarity when triggering DoT in battle.

Optimizes the logic of using Path Resonance: Propagation while auto-battle is active when your team has the Resonance Formation: Phenol Compounds and Metamorphosis effects.

■ System

Adjusts the name of “Swarm: True Sting” in Data Bank — Enemy Creatures. This will not affect the total number of enemies defeated in this category.

Optimizes Relic sorting function and added the Break Effect category for sorting.

Optimizes what is displayed when pressing certain combinations of buttons during combat while using controller.

Increases the purchase upper limit of certain Synthesis Materials in the shop.

Optimizes the UI of the item submission screen.

■ Gameplay

Optimizes the button indication UI effect for viewing individual items in controller mode.

After the update, some Occurrences and Curios from Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster can now be encountered in the regular Simulated Universe world.

Optimizes the occassions at which certain Juvenile and Lesser Stings appear at the start of battle in Combat: Swarm for Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster.

Optimizes some parts of the text in Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster

Optimizes the textual display effect for character introductions in the “Aptitude Showcase.”

■ Others

Optimizes the voice line playback logic for certain Billboards during exploration.

Optimizes the timing for certain character combat voice lines in exploration.

Adjusts the default graphic quality settings for some iPad devices to improve the game’s operational stability: iPad Mini 5, iPad Air 3, and iPad Pro 1 have been adjusted from “High” to “Medium,” while iPad Pro 3 has been adjusted from “Very High” to “High.”

Optimizes the button indication UI effect for viewing individual items in controller mode.

Optimizes controller use-experience.

▌Bug Fixes

■ Characters and Enemies

Fixed an issue where Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae (Destruction: Imaginary)’s ability UI effects will be displayed on other character’s ability button in certain circumstances.

Fixes the issue where Seele (The Hunt: Quantum) will abnormally be shown as having the Resurgence effect under certain circumstances when she defeats all enemies in the current wave. This is only a graphic display issue and does not affect actual combat effects.

Fixes the issue where the special effects of certain enemies were abnormal when Luocha (Abundance: Imaginary) uses Ultimate.

Fixes the issue where, after Welt (Nihility: Imaginary) or Himeko (Erudition: Fire) uses their Technique to create a dimension in the environment, enemies that previously were within the dimension will still be affected by the dimension’s effect under certain circumstances after the dimension disappears.

Fixes the issue where Serval (Erudition: Lightning) displays abnormal Basic ATK special effects when she uses her Basic ATK while sprinting.

Fixes the issue where the diamond texture is abnormal for Herta (Erudition: Ice)’s weapon and special effects when shes uses her Ultimate, for Trailblazer (Preservation: Fire)’s weapon, and for the NPC Messenger’s model.

Fixes the issue where the tassel in front of Sushang (The Hunt: Physical)’s chest displays abnormally when she turns around.

Fixes the issue where the special effect background displays abnormally when March 7th (Preservation: Ice) uses her Ultimate or Skill under certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue where certain characters lack shadows

Fixes the issue with abnormal facial expressions displayed by characters when their idle animations are played while using and manipulating Camera functions a certain way.

Fixes the issue where some characters’ idle animation displays their models abnormally.

Fixes an issue with how certain parts of the Trailblazer’s outfit flickering and optimizes the effects of these outfit adornments.

Fixes the issue where, when entering the character details screen via the Team Setup function available in certain stages, players cannot use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out on character models in this interface.

Fixes the issue where some characters display abnormal animations during cutscenes.

Fixes the issue where, if Yukong (Harmony: Imaginary) becomes Restrained while she possesses the effect of Roaring Bowstrings, her own Roaring Bowstrings effect will not be removed in the correct turn.

Fixes the issue where the attack direction cannot be changed when Trailblazer (Preservation: Fire) uses their Basic ATK while pressing down on a direction button in the map environment.

Fixes an issue where parts of the certain characters’ eyes moving are at a different rate as gaze direction is changed in the character details screen.

Fixes the issue where characters’ idle animations would play at the Level Up interface.

Fixes the issue where the text is incorrect in the description of the enemy Silvermane Lieutenant (Bug)’s skill “Rallying.” This fix does not affect actual ability effects.

Fixes the issue where, when the character Kafka (Nihility: Lightning) uses her Technique to enter a battle with multiple waves, the Lightning Weakness icon would still be displayed on the first enemy wave when entering the battle even if the enemies in the first wave do not have Lightning Weakness if enemies in later waves have Lightning Weakness.

■ Combat

Fixes the issue where pressing and holding the input for Preservation Creation’s Wrath, Cloudhymn Roar, or Path Resonance to display the ability description and use the ability during auto-battle, the ability description window would not disappear as expected.

Fixes the issue where, when the enemy Cocolia (Complete) uses Wrath of Winterland Saints and dim the combat environment, certain characters using certain abilities will abnormally revert the dimming visual effect.

Fixes an issue where the Engine of Creation’s model will be displayed abnormally when using certain characters to challenge the “Echo of War: End of the Eternal Freeze” and unleashing their Ultimates.

Adjusts the methods to how Blessings are counted in the Swarm Disaster: Path Resonance interface. Already active Path Resonances and Resonance Formations will not be included in the obtained Blessing calculations.

■ System

Fixes the issue where the readable “Disciples of Sanctus Medicus: Collection of Exhibits — Disciples’ Diary” could not be obtained.

Fixes the issue where running certain dialogues with specific NPCs in an unstable internet connection resulted in not receiving the corresponding rewards. These items will be automatically reimbursed after the update.

Fixes the issue where the function button interface has a chance to disappear during battle under certain circumstances.

Fixes an issue where there is a chance an abnormality might occur during the reward animation when accepting the “Express Supply Pass.”

Fixes an issue where the borders of certain character images are displayed abnormally.

Fixes the issue where, in the “Starlit Homecoming” screen, after clicking on the Return Survey, if it was not filled out, the “Travel Log” prompt would abnormally stay on the screen without disappearing.

Fixes certain missing texts related to Aeons in the Simulated Universe index.

Fixes an issue with Paean of Indulgence not automatically replaying after it finishes on the Phonograph.

Fixes an issue where the currently owned number of Relic Remains are abnormally displayed in the Relic Remains details for the Salvage Relic hint screen.

■ Gameplay

Fixes the issue where, when fighting the Boss enemy in Simulated Universe: World 2 and the enemy Automaton Grizzly (Complete) enters phase 2 before Automaton Direwolf (Complete) does, Automaton Grizzly (Complete)’s Charge buffs will not take effect when the unit is in the Charge state.

Fixes an issue with certain erroneous descriptions in the How to Play interface for Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster.

Fixes an issue where there is a chance that the enemy, Stellaron Hunter: Kafka’s “Psychological Suggestion” ability will have an abnormality after Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster reaches a cetain Disruption Level.

Fixes the issue in the Occurrence “The Architects: Annals of Fortification (Part 2)” where the speakers for some text were incorrectly labelled.

Fixes an issue where the story will be abnormally skipped after interacting with a particular NPC in the “Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle” game mode.

■ Missions

Fixes the issue where there are 2 NPC Qingnis at the end of the Companion Mission “For I Have Touched the Sky.”

Fixes certain dialogue display errors after submitting the “Celestial Jade Game Record” for the Adventure Mission “Back in Business.”

Fixes the issue with the display error for the names of the parting lovers in the “Poetic Genius Ingenium” Adventure Mission.

Fixes certain repeating text lines for NPC Boyang’s voice lines for the Adventure Mission “Back in Business.”

Fixes a chance of story NPCs disappearing during dialogue that causes the cutscene to get stuck.

■ Environment Visuals

Fixes the issue where the car windows abnormally flicker with particular graphics settings in the Parlor Car map.

Fixes the issue where certain characters’ shadows would display abnormally in the Storage Zone map.

Fixes the issue where shadows start flickering when a particular door is opened in the Artisanship Commission.

■ Audio

Optimizes Korean voiceover for Yukong (Harmony: Imaginary)’s character voice line “Knowledge.”

Optimizes Korean voiceover for Sushang (The Hunt: Physical)’s character voice line “About Bailu.”

Optimizes Korean voiceover for Bailu (Abundance: Lightning)’s character voice line “Chat: Food.”

Optimizes Korean voiceover for Blade (Destruction: Wind)’s character voice lines “About Self: Name,” “About Self: Demons,” “Chat: Immortality,” “Blade’s Hobbies,” and “Ultimate: Activate.”

Optimizes Korean voiceover for Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae (Destruction: Imaginary)’s character voice line “Ultimate: Activate.”

Optimizes Korean voiceover for Luka (Nihility: Physical)’s character voice lines “Hobbies,” “Turn Begins 1,” and “Ultimate: Activate.”

Optimizes Korean voiceover relating to the expression of the term “Galaxy Ranger,” and optimizes related text and voice lines.

Optimizes Korean voiceover relating to the expression of the term “Dragon Lady,” and optimizes related text and voice lines.

Optimizes Korean voiceover relating to the expression of the term “Lord Ravager,” and optimizes related text and voice lines.

Optimizes Korean voiceover relating to the expression of the term “Bladie,” and optimizes related text and voice lines.

Fixes certain Japanese dialogue voice lines for NPC Qingque in the Trailblaze Mission “Xianzhou Luofu — Obsequies Performed, A Long Road Ahead.”

Fixes certain Japanese dialogue voice lines for the NPC Woman Dressed As Healer in the Trailblaze Mission “Xianzhou Luofu — Desolate Depths of Despair.”

Optimizes certain Japanese NPC voice lines and text for “Theophany Era.”

Fixes certain Japanese dialogue voice lines between NPC Kiryu and NPC Majima.

Fixes certain Japanese dialogue voice lines for NPC March 7th in the Companion Mission “A Knight Stranger.”

Optimizes certain English dialogue voice lines for NPC Huanxi in the Companion Mission “The Dragon Returns Home.”

Optimizes certain English dialogue voice lines for NPC Sushang in the Adventure Mission “Back in Business (II).”

Fixes an issue where the Express’ coach music will abnormally continue playing even during the boarding animation for the Trailblaze Mission “The Voyage Continues.”

Fixes an issue with abnormal sound effects triggered when selecting certain domains on a plane for Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster.

■ Others

Fixes an issue where the text for certain interfaces are displayed incorrectly when the language is set to Japanese in the Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster.

Fixes the issue where some texts in Real-Time Combat View do not display completely in specific screen resolutions when the text language is set to Korean.

Fixes an issue where some stickers are abnormally displayed when playing on mobile devices.

Fixes an issue where certain parts of the text are not switched to the currently used language when the textual language is changed in the Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster’s setting interface.

Fixes the issue where the in-game readable “Overview of Xianzhou’s Materia Medica: The Nutritional Sciences Collection” could not be obtained properly after finishing dialogue with the NPC Yongren.

Fixes the issue where the character interface would display duplicate character avatars in specific situations.

Fixes the issue where, in specific situations, the content inside the Domain duplicated by the Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster’s Path of Remembrance Audience Dice Effect “Remembrance: Inner Sensory Organ” is incorrect.

Fixes the issue where there was a chance of encountering an abnormal dialogue with the Aeon Aha in the Simulated Universe when using the Path of Propagation for the first time.

Fixes the issue where two NPC Mingyue would appear simultaneously during the Adventure Mission “Poetic Genius Ingenium.”

Fixes the issue where the number of Communing Trail points increased may be displayed incorrectly when multiple Trails of Pathstrider nodes are illuminated simultaneously in Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster.

Fixes the issue in Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster where the Trail of Pathstrider nodes “Final Countdown of the Universe!” and “The Memory Bubble Breach Disaster” could be activated when the difficulty level was below the node requirements.

Fixes the issue in the “Trail of Pathstrider: Odyssey” mission in Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster where the reward icon status for “Light up all the hidden Trails of Pathstrider” would display incorrectly under specific circumstances.

Fixes the issue where certain missions would unexpectedly interrupt under specific circumstances.

Optimizes inconsistencies between the description and actual requirements for the “Labor Omnia Vincit” Achievement.

In-game texts for the 13 languages have been adjusted, optimized, and fixed. These changes do not affect the actual effects. Trailblazers can switch the game language through “Phone — Settings — Language” and view the corresponding changes in the announcement.

Fixes and optimizations in English include the following (they have no impact on the actual in-game effects):

Adjusts the names of the “Young Master,” “Corrupted Silvermane Guard,” and “Cloud Knight Captain” NPCs.

Adjusts and optimizes certain character story descriptions for Blade (Destruction: Wind) and Fu Xuan (Preservation: Quantum).

Adjusts and optimizes certain character voiceovers and subtitles for Welt (Nihility: Imaginary), Clara (Destruction: Physical), and Jing Yuan (Erudition: Lightning).

Adjusts and optimizes the descriptions for certain Path Resonances, Blessings, Occurrences, and Curios for Simulated Universe Paths.

Adjusts and optimizes the execution for certain Trails of Pathstrider and descriptions for “Dice Effects” in “Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster.”

Adjusts and optimizes the names for “Restrain” and “Aggravate.”

Adjusts and optimizes the text for certain story dialogue, readables, messages, recipes, Chat Boxs, enemy introductions, enemy skill descriptions, “term” entries in the data bank, loading text, system hints, mission tutorials, and descriptions.

Adjusts Talent descriptions for Dan Heng (The Hunt: Wind) and Lynx (Abundance: Quantum), and Trace ability descriptions for Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae (Destruction: Imaginary).

Optimizes the description text in the Light Cone story for the Light Cone “Landau’s Choice (Preservation).”

Optimizes the requirement description for the “Existence Precedes Essence,” “Memories Look at Me,” “Create A Beautiful Chaos,” “Velocity of the Universe’s Expansion,” “Wreck-It Self,” “Gnosticism,” “Exhalation,” and “Will of the Hive” along with the names of the “All That Remains is Pure White Ash” and “Trial of Thirteen” Achievements.

Fixes an error with the Omni-Synthesizer’s name.

Patch Notes
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