Resident Evil Village Winters' Expansion Story Trailer Released; New Gameplay Demo Available Later Today 11

Resident Evil Village Winters’ Expansion Story Trailer Released; New Gameplay Demo Available Later Today

Capcom released a new trailer for Resident Evil Village‘s Winters’ expansion, this time focusing on story.

Following the trailers release, Capcom added the following information about the expansion.

The Saga of the Winters Family Comes to a Close

First up, we shared a closer look at Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and the Winters’ Expansion launching next week, including an interview with Director Kento Kinoshita.

Starting with Shadows of Rose, this expansion to the story of Resident Evil Village features Rose, 16 years after the events of Village, diving into the Realm of Consciousness that resides in the Megamycete. Playing on the themes of how childhood nightmares can affect us well past childhood, Rose must navigate a twisted version of the village that her father, Ethan, saved her from when she was just a baby. In order to survive, Rose puts her unwanted powers to use in order to hold off all sorts of terrifying creatures, including the newly revealed giant dolls that you may have caught a glimpse of in the showcase.

Shadows of Rose is presented entirely in third person, providing a fresh perspective on the gameplay of Resident Evil Village. Mr. Kinoshita also touched on the new Third Person Mode that will be available for the main campaign of the game, allowing players to choose a brand-new viewpoint from which to experience the game’s events, and shared additional details on The Mercenaries Additional Orders and the new characters that will be coming to this highly replayable, arcade-style mode.


Finally, for those who can’t wait to experience the expansion on Oct. 28, a 60 minute gameplay demo will be available later today. The demo will allow players to experience the original first person mode or try third person mode, which is included with the Winters’ expansion.

Resident Evil Village is currently available for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series and PC. The Winters’ expansion and Gold edition, which bundles Shadows of Rose, third person mode and new Mercenaries characters will be available for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series on Oct. 28. A Mac and Switch version (cloud) of Resident Evil Village will release on the same day, with the cloud version of Winters’ Expansion releasing on Dec. 2.

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