Thymesia Ending Guide 222

Thymesia Ending Guide

Multiple endings can be a lot of fun or really frustrating. In the case of Thymesia, it’s somewhere in the middle. Every ending can be obtained with relative ease, you just need to beat the final boss and select a different core combination. What makes this frustrating is every ending is basically exclusive to one combo. Given this means you’d need to beat the boss about 40 times, we’re here to make it a little easier.

Thymesia Ending Guide

As previously mentioned, unlocking every ending can be rather frustrating. This is because the Harmonized Force and Power of Cleansing endings seem to be based off RNG. I extensively tested the PlayStation 5 version, even going so far as to enter every combo multiple times and I can not consistently get either one to unlock 100 percent of the time. The good new is that they share a core combo, but to make it easier we’re going to call one set guaranteed and the other RNG.

Please note, order does not matter, just the two correct cores are selected. Also, Chaotic Power is given when two incompatible cores are selected. To make it simple, we listed a combo we can confirm will give that specific ending.

Unlocking Every Ending

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Before listing the combos, I want to confirm that beating the boss does not set Thymesia into New Game+. Simply fighting, selecting and then repeating the fight will eventually unlock every ending. Also, for those wondering, the “Is This The Truth” question just determines if you reload the save or roll credits. Both will go to the same point if you select continue, so the choice is not important.

Guaranteed Endings

  • Odur’s Core + Mutated Odur’s Core – Chaotic Power
  • Fool’s God’s Core + Sound of the Abyss’ Core – Power of the Vile Blood
  • Varg’s Core + Urd’s Core – Blessing of Pure Blood

RNG Endings

Mutated Odur’s Core + The Hanged Queen’s Core – Harmonized Force or Power of Cleansing

Selection Exploit

When going for the last two endings I suggest doing the selection exploit, which is incredibly easy to do.

After beating the boss and loading Philosopher’s Hill you’ll see the question above. Thymesia will immediately save, which allows you to close the game, make a copy of your save and endlessly mess with the choices.

Before getting too excited, while this method can be used to unlock the aforementioned trophy/achievements, it will not unlock Memory Seeker. That specifically requires all five on a single save, meaning the final boss needs to die at least five times. Given that limitation, I would get the guaranteed endings, one of the RNG endings and then do it on the fifth and final attempt. This way you only need to do it until the right ending plays, which will award Memory Seeker.

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