Sniper Elite 5: Landing Force Mission and Weapon Pack Released

Sniper Elite 5 is expanding its World War II campaign with the Landing Force mission and a couple new weapons for renowned sharpshooter, Karl Fairburne, to utilize in his relentless pursuit of all things Nazi. The first post-launch Sniper Elite 5 DLC, bluntly titled Landing Force Mission and Weapon Pack, is providing players ample reason to dive back into the role of the deadly saboteur.

Fairburne is deploying to the South of France where enemy forces have commandeered an island for the purpose of housing a gargantuan gun battery. The island is rife with enemy activity, which should make for plenty of x-ray kill opportunities, and includes “docks, lighthouse and a ruined keep” as well as the aforementioned gun emplacement begging to be destroyed.

The two new weapons accompanying the DLC pack are the integrally-suppressed D.L. Carbine and the ever-popular Russian PPSh submachine gun. Whether your Fairburne has the presence of a ghost or tends to run in like Rambo, there are now additional options supporting either playstyle beyond the preexisting arsenal list.

The Sniper Elite 5: Landing Force Mission and Weapon Pack is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S as both a standalone purchase for $14.99 or included with the season pass. If you haven’t already, check out our review of Sniper Elite 5 to see if Rebellion’s latest effort is worth your time.

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