[Rumor] Sony Set to Reveal Multiple New Headsets, Monitors and a Pro Controller Next Week 1

[Rumor] Sony Set to Reveal Multiple New Headsets, Monitors and a Pro Controller Next Week

According to various sources, Sony is set to announce a wide array of gaming pheripherials, including three gaming headsets, two monitors and some kind of “pro” controller.

This rumor originated with notable leaker and journalist, Tom Henderson, posting an article on Try Hard Guides about what they described as a pro controller. According to them, the new controller will feature “removable analog sticks, trigger stops, and rear buttons (flappy paddles).” They also mention some minor changes, like a button under each stick to remove them and some kind of grip.

Shortly after 91Mobiles posted an exclusive with pictures and details showcasing the three headsets, H9, H7 and H3. All three headsets will support spatial audio, with each catering to a different demographic. H3 will be a standard wired headset, with H7 and H9 being wireless options. While not a lot of differences are known about these headsets, 91Mobiles notes H9 is the only one mentioned to support noise-cancelation and H7 might have better battery life.

Following that leak, Henderson posted another article, this time for Exputer, talking about the INZONE line of products and detailed two monitors that are supposedly part of this line. Like the other products details are limited, but there will supposedly be some kind of PlayStation exclusive features, VRR, 1 ms latency, HDR Tone Mapping and various picture modes. As for the differences, one will be 4K at 144Hz and the other being 1080 at 240hz.

Henderson ended his article saying their sources mentioned the three headsets and two monitors are part of the aforementioned INZONE line of products and are expected to be revealed sometime next week. He also notes that while the controller is in the works, they’re not sure if that will also be revealed next week or sometime further in the future.

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