UHURU WM-08 Review 3

UHURU WM-08 Review

With the rise of PC gaming, working from home, and just being inside, a lot of people are considering the aesthetics of their workplace. This could be a sleek new keyboard, perhaps a new monitor, or just an improved mouse. Nowadays there are additional buttons, RGB, and the ability to track directly on glass, along with another newer trend, lightweight designs. Among the many options is UHURU’s WM-08, which boasts RGB lights, and 4800 DPI, all in a lightweight design at a fraction of the price. Is this a great deal or is the devil in the details?

UHURU’s packaging for WM-08 is surprisingly simple. On the front is the product, sides mention key details like what was mentioned above, along with fundamental features like 2.4G wireless, with the back explaining what the buttons do. What made me surprised wasn’t the look, as much as the size. There is little room for anything besides the mouse on the dongle, making it look incredibly compact. So much so that I initially wondered if it was a full-size mouse (it is). 

Such a Small and Cute Box

Unlike a lot of gaming mice, it’s incredibly simple to set up WM-08. After taking it out of the box, there is a switch on the bottom that can be used to turn it on, off or enable the RGB lights. After turning it on, plug in the dongle and it will work. 

Like all lightweight mice, WM-08 reduces its weight through a variety of hexagon-shaped holes. These are a little on the larger side, which gives it a slightly different feel. On my smaller holed lightweight mouse, I can feel the gaps, whereas on WM-08 I notice the edges. Some of this will vary based on how you hold it, like with a looser grip my fingers come to where the topmost hole is, which isn’t comfortable, but with a standard grip, I don’t notice it. 

Since this is an RGB mouse, there are holes on the side of the mouse, as well as the top. This means your thumb will likely feel the same aforementioned gaps, which may or may not be a problem. Another choice that will depend on the player is side button placement. A lot of models go with long and thin buttons that are easier to hit or tell the location of. These are shorter but fatter. Depending on the side of your hand/thumb, this may or may not be a benefit. In my case, my thumb comes to about where the buttons end, with the gap between the two inputs making it clear where to press to get the desired result.

Beyond that, WM-08 features a nice rubber feeling coating that feels much nicer than simple plastic. While I did not experience it in my time reviewing it, I would worry that at some point in the future it will succumb to shine in heavily used locations. The included RGB lights are good, but not great. 

There are a good number of options, be it a solid color, swapping between colors, and various versions of the rainbow cycle that RGB products are practically synonymous with. What stands out is the effect isn’t as fluid as what you’d find on a nicer quality keyboard or mouse. I wouldn’t say this is a negative, as much as it might look out of place next to other such items. 

Performance was pretty good all things considered. The plastic that is used to glide isn’t particularly great for glass surfaces but will work as expected on a mousepad. Likewise, the DPI range is going to be fine for more casual players, as 4,800 DPI is good, but there are options out there in the 16,000 DPI range. One thing that helps is the difference in weight is absolutely noticeable. This helps WM-08 glide a little more smoothly and feel less taxing to use.

UHURU WM-08 Review Verdict

All things considered, WM-08 works extremely well for the price. I’ve seen more dated designs that don’t even feature RGB and have fewer buttons for about the same price. Naturally, it won’t beat some of the more expensive and complicated options out there, but if you’re looking for a cool mouse or just a casual gaming mouse with an eye-catching design, I don’t think you’d go wrong here. 

[Editor’s Note: UHURU WM-08 was provided to us for review purposes.]

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