How Power Works in Babylon's Fall 3

How Power Works in Babylon’s Fall

Starting Babylon’s Fall is something of an uphill battle. There are a lot of things you learn over time or don’t initially know, leading to some confusion. One of the biggest is how power and equipment actually works. At first glance it will seem pretty straightforward, though overtime it will make less sense, especially if you haven’t played something like Destiny 2. To make it easier, we wanted to explain how power works in Babylon’s Fall.

How Power Works in Babylon’s Fall

Power Level

Figuring out your power level isn’t overly difficult in Babylon’s Fall. In fact, once you realize what it’s doing, it should immediately make sense.

Instead of giving characters a fixed level, power is determined by your total equipment level (top left number) divided by eight. In the case of the image above, that would be 27. Where things get more complicated is differences in rarity.

Understanding Gear

Similar to Destiny and a lot of other games, Babylon’s Fall seems to use white as the lowest rarity, with the next level being green, followed by blue, then purple, with the final being something of a gold.

At a low level these differences don’t matter too much, as it isn’t uncommon to get gear five to seven levels above your current max on a new mission. But, overtime, as you determine build and your needs, they actually start to matter a lot.

For example, even though my purple bow is two levels lower, it has significantly better stats, plus two additional enchantments. These little boosts can be the difference between winning and losing. Even the same gear, which seems to have identical stats just at a higher equip level, will have different enchantments.

Some are better than others, something that will help determine your final build when you hit post game.

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