How long does it take to finish Ghostwire: Tokyo?

How long does it take to finish Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Ghostwire: Tokyo is one of the most anticipated games to release in 2022 and with the game releasing this week exclusively on PlayStation and PC, many are excited to play Tango Gameworks’ latest creation. With it offering an open world with a mix of horror and RPG elements, Ghostwire: Tokyo looks promising, with us giving it a solid 7.5 out of 10. But when it all comes down to just how long the game is, we got the answer.

Unlike the two The Evil Within games, it doesn’t take long to beat Ghostwire: Tokyo and much more in line with your standard game.

Now, let’s answer the question many would like to ask at every game that comes out, how long does it take to finish Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Ghostwire: Tokyo has a lot to do, see and explore, but those only interested in the story can complete it in roughly 10 hours.

Below are some of the things that you could do in order to maximize the hours when playing Ghostwire Tokyo.

  1. New Game Plus – After finishing just the story alone, there is a reason to come back and play the game again as there is a New Game Plus mode. Almost everything will carry over to the new game plus except for one upgrade. If you would like to challenge yourselves a little further and tackle a harder difficulty mode, feel free to do so.
  2. Collectibles – There is a lot of collectibles that you can collect in the game that will further increase your game time.
  3. Side Missions – If you feel like strolling around Shibuya or Tokyo, feel free to do side missions. Doing side missions will not only give Akito more experience points to max out that level, but will unlock more lore and will allow you to explore the game even further.
  4. Max Out Akito’s Powers – If you are thinking of giving the game a second go with the New Game Plus, definitely consider maxing out the level of Akito’s powers and unlock everything his Skill Tree offers.
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