Streamer Aydan Accused of Cheating; Claims LCD-GX Gave Him an Advantage

Streamer Aydan Accused of Cheating; Claims LCD-GX Gave Him an Advantage

Perhaps one of my favorite memes in the gaming world is being so skilled others assume you’re cheating. While this isn’t uncommon in the casual space, it can be a concern when people start questioning professionals, something recent Audeze partner Aydan briefly had to deal with.

On Nov. 2, Aydan and IcemanIsaac challenged Shotzzy and Stukawaki (who faced similar problems earlier this year) to a 2v2 match of Gunfight. It was a fairly normal match until matchpoint where Aydan ascertains Shotzzy position, kills him and proceeds to win the match.

The clip in question quickly resulted in players demanding proof Aydan wasn’t cheating, with others insisting he didn’t or citing he would’ve been discovered by now. In response to the accusations, IcemanIsaac noted the there were only so many places that could be dangerous and Aydan furthered his headset, Audeze’s premiere LCD-GX, gave him the advantage.

Following that even Aydan noted the play looks suspicious and the players joked about the whole situation.

Speaking from my own history with Audeze’s LCD-GX, they really are an impressive headset. Not only are they the best gaming headset I’ve used, exceeding offerings from notable companies like Turtle Beach, the sound staging is something else. Then again, for $900 they should make a notable difference in your performance.

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