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New Destiny 2 Subclasses are in Development; Will Not Release with Witch Queen

During an interview between Twitch streamers Cupahnoodle and Negaoryx and Joe Blackburn, Destiny 2 Game Director, revealed some interesting things about Destiny 2‘s future, including the addition of a new subclass being in development.

Twitter user gifv_Kayla conveniently uploaded that segment, with the full version being here. Essentially, a new subclass is in development and while it will not release with Witch Queen, players can expect it sometime in the future.

Instead of focusing on new powers, Blackburn talked about converting the light based subclasses to the new stasis system. Given this is a rather commonly requested addition in the Destiny 2 community, it’s good to see players can expect both improvements on existing content and something exciting in the future.

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