Reynatis Releases Neo: The World Ends With You Crossover Trailer 34534

Reynatis Releases Neo: The World Ends With You Crossover Trailer

NIS America released a trailer for trailer for the previously revealed crossover between Reynatis and Neo: The World Ends With You.

The trailer confirms Shoka Sakurane, complete with her Neo style profile picture, will be present and more from the universe. Beyond that the stylish combat and some story details are also touched on.

More information about Reynatis can be found below.

Reynatis Overview


Worlds collide when the rogue wizard Marin and M.E.A. officer Sari meet on the bustling streets of Shibuya. Under the brilliant night lights, the pair fight for what they believe in on the cusp of fantasy and reality, freedom and order.

In a world where magic is feared, you must choose when to hide your powers or unleash them to wreak havoc on your enemies. Should these gifted individuals be regulated, or be free to use their powers as they choose? Witness the clash between wizards and the law unfold in REYNATIS!


The wizard Marin and the officer Sari stand on opposing sides of a conflict that will shake the world to its core. Experience an enthralling story that tackles oppression, clashing ideals, and the price of freedom.


Navigate the streets of Shibuya and choose between remaining concealed to talk to civilians, shop, and accept quests or exposing your true self to harness your inhuman powers. Your journey will also take you into the alternate world of Another, a fantasy land teeming with ferocious monsters and secrets to uncover.


Freely swap between using evasive maneuvers in Suppressed mode and utilizing magic to deal explosive damage in Liberated mode. Each of the 6 different playable characters has their own unique abilities, from summoning to aerial attacks.

NIS AMerica

Reynatis is currently set to release on Sept. 27 for PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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