Metal Slug Tactics Hits Consoles and PC Fall 2024 34534

Metal Slug Tactics Hits Consoles and PC Fall 2024

Dotemu revealed Metal Slug Tactics will release on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Fall 2024.

To go with the news a charming trailer was also released with animated scenes, and some gameplay that celebrates the franchise’s history.

More information about Metal Slug Tactics can be found below.

Metal Slug Tactics Overview

Metal Slug Tactics brings the explosive charm and nostalgic fun of the cult METAL SLUG series to the tactical scene! Get ready for an intense ride through the best of both worlds: classic arcade action and roguelite tactical thrills. Jump into the combat zone and revive your METAL SLUG nostalgia in a whole new way!



Metal Slug Tactics offers a fresh perspective on the iconic battles of the METAL SLUG series. Lead your squad to victory through strategic guile and superior firepower in a perfect blend of classic action and tactical depth. Unleash powerful special attacks and shape the outcome of each encounter!

Accumulate experience after each battle to unlock new weapons or bonus perks to upgrade your team’s firepower and tactical skills.

Assemble your team and rewrite the rules in this modern tribute to a cult classic!


Choose between iconic brothers-in-arms from across the METAL SLUG series and create the perfect team to stop Morden’s devious plans.

Determine the best weapon loadouts and mods to maximize combo efficiency on the battlefield.

Launch simultaneous attacks with the “SYNC” mechanic to deal massive damage to the enemy! And if your team is in trouble, you can always call in some reinforcements and watch the big guns at work: heavy artillery, airstrikes, the glorious METAL SLUG itself – you name it, you get it!


Embark on an exalting campaign through beautiful, hand-crafted maps to end the war and defeat the infamous Rebel Army once and for all! You’re going to face many challenges, so brace yourself for countless deaths, but don’t give up and push through.

Whether you’re a skilled veteran or a new recruit, play and replay your favorite missions, learn precious strategic insight from each adventure and hone your skills with each hard-fought victory.

Gain experience, level up your operatives, adapt to your enemies, and remember: every defeat is a lesson, yet triumph awaits those who refuse to surrender!


Donald Morden is back! After years of hiding in a country opposed to the World Government, the devious General patiently staged a coup. Now, he is finally ready to take revenge upon the World with the army he has secretly gathered throughout the years.

The Peregrine Falcon Squad will have to do everything in their power to make it through the enemy lines and take down General Morden before the war escalates into catastrophe!


● Discover the first tactical RPG in the METAL SLUG franchise
● Experience a huge replayability with its die-and-retry roguelite progression
● Enjoy amazing pixel art graphics, a heartfelt tribute to the series
● Battle Morden’s Army in 110 hand-crafted maps and 20 different mission types
● Bring the perfect setup for every mission with 36 different weapons and 176 weapon mods
● Choose between 9 iconic characters from the series and create the perfect team
● Experiment with 36 loadouts and combos to outsmart your enemies
● Challenge iconic bosses from the METAL SLUG universe
● Headbang all the way with an amazing soundtrack by Tee Lopes

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