Stellar Blade Battles High Input Lag

Stellar Blade Battles High Input Lag

Players excited for the new Stellar Blade game faced a bump in the road with reports of significant input lag in the demo. The issue could disrupt gameplay, especially since Stellar Blade blends the quick reflex demands of Souls-like and action genres.

The feedback started pouring in on Twitter, highlighting that the character Eve moved slower than expected. With the full game’s release looming, this raises concerns.

The developers at SHIFT UP suggested a workaround: activating the TV’s dedicated gaming mode. This advice stems from the general nature of TVs, which aren’t primarily designed for gaming and thus may have inherent lag. Not all TVs come with a gaming mode, though, spotlighting a need for a better solution.

Some players report smooth gameplay, even with enhanced visuals, while others struggle with lag. With the game set to debut soon, many hope SHIFT UP will tackle this issue, possibly through a patch on day one.

As Stellar Blade climbs Sony’s pre-order charts, expectations are high. Players are eager for a seamless experience, deserving of a full-price game. The coming weeks will show if the developers can address the feedback effectively.

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