Yellow Brick Games Unveils Eternal Strands for 2025 Release

Yellow Brick Games Unveils Eternal Strands for 2025 Release

Yellow Brick Games has proudly announced its first game, Eternal Strands. This new action-adventure game promises a unique experience and is set for a 2025 release. It’s currently available on Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Mike Laidlaw, the brains behind the Dragon Age series, co-founded Yellow Brick Games and brought his AAA game-making experience to this venture alongside other Ubisoft veterans.

Eternal Strands boasts a groundbreaking gameplay interaction system. This system brings life to the game with its real-time destruction and weather dynamics. You will step into the shoes of Brynn, a Weaver on a mission to save her cultural heritage by unraveling the Enclave’s secrets. This adventure includes battling colossal creatures called Arks and using a mix of magic and weaponry to fend off various foes.

The game results from hard work by a 68-person team utilizing Unreal Engine 5. Initially set to be published by Take-Two’s Private Division, Yellow Brick Games has decided to self-publish. Laidlaw expressed his enthusiasm for Eternal Strands, aiming to offer an adventure filled with fun, innovation, and the opportunity for players to explore a new, responsive world.

This game marks a significant departure from Laidlaw’s previous works, focusing on player freedom and interaction within a dynamically reacting world. With its promising features, Eternal Strands is shaping up to be a must-watch for gaming enthusiasts looking forward to 2025.

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