Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes to Launch on PC

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes to Launch on PC

Fans of the beloved mobile game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, are in for a treat as it prepares to make its entrance on PC later this year. Since its release in November 2015, the game has maintained a strong player base, and this move by EA to port the game officially to PC will surely excite many.

The PC version will not only allow for higher resolutions and antialiasing but will also double the framerate to a smooth 60fps, promising a visually enhanced experience. Unlike the mobile version, which relies on touchscreen controls, the PC port will support keyboard and mouse inputs. However, it’s worth noting there won’t be controller support at launch.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes to Launch on PC

For those who have invested countless hours into the mobile version, EA offers good news: players can transfer their progress by linking their mobile accounts to their EA accounts. This cross-functionality ensures that players can seamlessly switch between mobile and PC without losing any progress.

EA also plans to keep the PC and mobile versions in sync, releasing updates simultaneously to ensure a unified experience across platforms. For eager fans, beta access to the PC version will become available in May, with registration for the closed beta now open.

This strategic move not only celebrates the game’s longevity but also reinforces EA’s commitment to the Star Wars franchise. As Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes continues to thrive, this PC port marks an exciting new chapter for both the game and its community.

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