Bungie Addresses Concerns About Destiny 2: The Final Shape's Raid Release Date 3453

Bungie Addresses Concerns About Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s Raid Release Date

This week in Destiny revealed a number of exciting things coming to Destiny 2: The Final Shape, but one thing that stood out for a number of players was the June 7 raid release date.

This means players will need to finish Destiny 2: The Final Shape, and get raid ready in three days. Other recent raids have maintained a two week prep period, something that fans both expected, and were hopeful for.

Naturally, this became a hot button issue. Many fans planned around the assumed date, or were fearful this wouldn’t be enough time to prepare for the final confrontation. With so much negative feedback Project Lead, Catarina Macedo, gave a quick explanation of the situation.

Basically, someone needs to complete the raid to unlock the final story chapter. This in turn means the raid needs to happen earlier to ensure players aren’t left guessing. It’s also something of an unavoidable problem. Most players hoped The Witness would fall in a raid, which obviously means any epilogue would have to wait for their demise.

While the full statement can be found below, another highlight is the need to complete the “Wild Card” quest. A follow up comment confirmed the intended raid prep order is campaign, Wild Card, raid, final mission, and then the first episode, Echoes.

Hey everyone. We wanted to talk about why The Final Shape raid is going live shortly after release on June 7. We know this is a tight turnaround and wanted to share some context on why we made this decision. Back in August, we said that finishing the campaign would not be the grand finale of the Light and Darkness saga. You will be facing off against the Witness in the raid, and for non-raiders there will be an opportunity for everyone to experience the conclusion sometime after the raid.

The Final Shape expansion is different: the additional content in the Pale Heart post-campaign and unlocking the raid for everyone is important for getting a cohesive and satisfying story experience. We’re looking at you raiders to be the tip of the spear. 👀

When raid day arrives, no matter if you choose to go in for Contest mode in the first 48 hours or wait for Normal mode to unlock, in order to experience the story linearly and as intended, you need to have the campaign completed and finish the quest ‘Wild Card’. Prioritize those! Episode Echoes story, the beginning of the next journey starts in week two.

-Project Lead Catarina Macedo

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