CDPR Ready for Additional Cyberpunk 2077 Enhancements

CDPR Ready for Additional Cyberpunk 2077 Enhancements

CDPR, the creative force behind Cyberpunk 2077, hints they’re not done adding new magic to the game yet. Even after major updates and the launch of Phantom Liberty, the team is open to bringing more content, as long as it sparks passion among the developers. This comes as exciting news, especially after the success of Cyberpunk 2077‘s revamp and its significant contribution to the game’s revival.

The focus has somewhat shifted towards upcoming projects like The Witcher 4, but Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t left in the dark. Maintenance and minor updates continue, with the team balancing between this cult favorite and their next big ventures. A recent nod towards the future saw a surprise update introducing a functioning subway system to Night City, teasing the possibility of more to come.

However, expectations for any groundbreaking additions should be tempered. The game’s director, Gabe Amatangelo, clarified that while they’re open to new ideas, we might not see changes as vast as in the past. The game’s development team has been downsized to a mere 17 people, focusing heavily on their next project. Yet, this small but dedicated team shows CDPR’s commitment to Cyberpunk 2077 amidst their busy schedule.

This approach means multiplayer features and other significant expansions may remain off the table. Still, the passion-driven willingness to revisit and enrich the game’s world keeps hopes alive for fans eagerly waiting for more Cyberpunk content.

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