Sea of Thieves Storms the PS5, Leading to Server Overloads

Sea of Thieves Storms the PS5, Leading to Server Overloads

The pirate-themed adventure game, Sea of Thieves, has sailed into rough waters as it debuted on the PlayStation 5. High demand from eager players has caused server issues during the game’s closed beta phase. Originally exclusive to Xbox, Sea of Thieves is now testing new horizons as part of Microsoft’s strategy to reach broader audiences.

With the beta period open only to those who pre-ordered the game, the volume of players exceeded expectations. As a result, many faced lengthy wait times. This hiccup underscores the title’s promising future as a live-service game on Sony’s platform, following its status as the most pre-ordered PlayStation game recently.

The closed beta of Sea of Thieves is a temporary test running until April 15. The aim is to fine-tune the game before its full release, ensuring smoother gameplay for all participants. Both new players on PS5 and veteran Xbox gamers are currently affected by the server strain, as stated by the game’s developer, Rare.

Despite these challenges, the strong player engagement is a positive indicator for Microsoft, suggesting that their multi-platform release strategy could pay off. It also hints at potential future releases of Xbox titles on PlayStation.

The unexpected popularity of Sea of Thieves on PlayStation could be a turning point, encouraging Microsoft to explore further cross-platform opportunities. This venture not only expands the game’s reach but also strengthens the gaming community across different platforms.

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