Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure Hits PlayStation and Xbox Consoles on March 21 3453

Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure Hits PlayStation and Xbox Consoles on March 21

Jetpack Collective confirmed Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure will arrive on PlayStation, and Xbox consoles on Mar. 21.

On the same day all platforms will be updated to a “de-facto 1.5 version,” which they playfully call Blooming Beginnings.

Snowcastle has been updating Ikonei Island since its release on PC in response to player feedback and is pleased to now be able to offer a more radical revamp to the experience with Blooming Beginnings as the game hits PlayStation and Xbox.

The update offers vastly improved onboarding, including a brand new opening to the game in a new area of the map, new UI, a reworked system to make farming easier, changes to make it easier to keep companions happy, a new enemy called the Vipeagon, the introduction of puzzles and more.

Ikonei Island is a cosy adventure where you explore the beautiful island, collecting and crafting materials to build up a central hamlet and craft a charming home. On your adventure, you will bond with magical creatures that you can take control of to harness their abilities, helping you on your quest to uncover hidden mysteries and access new parts of the island, farm the land for resources,  battle pirates and more.

Easter Event: Coco-Cloudberry Craze!

Ikonei Island gets regular seasonal updates and, with Easter on the horizon, players can look forward to our fourth seasonal event “Coco-Cloudberry Craze”, kicking off on March 28th in time for Easter/Sakura Season. Coco-Cloudberry Craze adds a brand new quest. The Pebblefluff has arrived on Ikonei. Help him find all the Chocolate eggs hidden around the island, and get the new Coco-cloudberries from Sariel to make your own delicious easter treats.

Along with the new Coco-Cloudberry Blossom plant, the update adds a host of wearable and placeable items, from delightful dungarees and picnic baskets to brilliant bouquets and pretty polka dot shirts.  Plus Steam players who missed out on the earlier seasonal content will now be able to acquire the additional assets through our new DLC bundles.

Press Release

Snowcastle Games CEO, Bendick Stang, offered the following comment about the reveal.

We have to thank our community for their incredible support and feedback and without doubt they have helped make Ikonei Island into a better game than it was at launch.

With our Blooming Beginnings update and the launch of the game on PlayStation and Xbox, we are effectively releasing a 1.5 version of Ikonei Island which takes it to a whole new level. We can’t wait for you all to explore the island and experience it for yourselves!

Press Release

Those interested in more information about Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure can find the official overview below.

Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure Overview

Welcome, adventurers! Explore the beautiful Ikonei Island, befriend magical creatures, and fight monsters with your friends or adventure solo. Gather resources, craft tools, and gear. Farm the land, build your base or a cozy home, and decorate it however you like. 
The Earthlock Adventure is waiting for you!

Play the Full Game for Free or Try it Solo

Hop onto the Island and explore the online multiplayer co-op experience with up to 3 of your friends. Anyone can play solo or together for the first ~2 hours of play. But if at least one of you owns the full game you can play indefinitely! Check the “Download Ikonei Island: Friends’ Pass” button above.

*Note: make a “Ribbit Request” (meaning, a “Join Code”) to be able to join in the same game session together. If your demo runs out, do not worry – after you purchase the base game you can continue where you left off. Lastly, make sure that everyone who tries to play the co-op is using the latest updates – otherwise you may unfortunately risk experiencing crashes.

Make the Island Your Own

Harvest materials using tools and creature abilities, then build workshops to create and assemble resources. All of these materials will come in handy to truly customize the island to your liking – and uncover its mysteries!

Befriend the Wildlife

After waking up on a bizarre island, you will meet mysterious statues and curious creatures. Bond with the beasties and harness their unique and powerful abilities to explore deeper into Ikonei Island.

Play with Friends

Play co-op in teams of 2-4 Steam friends and elevate your fun on the island to the power of frog! Everything in the game – farming, building, battling, unlocking new areas, quests – can be done together.

Tend to Your Crops

Create and nurture your farm from scratch, using various tools and systems for increased efficiency and rewards.

Meet the Locals

Surely there are others who must know about Ikonei Island, each with their own story to tell? Interact with the island people, discover their stories, and gain invaluable knowledge.

Thwart the Greedy Pirates

A band of pirates have discovered the island and have their own plans on how to profit from it. Make sure they do not get their way!

Grow More Powerful

Create powerful weapons to keep the monsters at bay as you navigate the island!

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