Layoffs Hit Respawn Entertainment as Game Industry Faces Changes

Layoffs Hit Respawn Entertainment as Game Industry Faces Changes

In recent weeks, the video game industry has seen a wave of layoffs across both big and small companies. Notable among them are PlayStation, Microsoft, SEGA, and the graphics engine Unity. A significant shakeup occurred within Electronic Arts (EA), leading to job cuts across various departments, and the cancellation of major projects, including a highly anticipated Star Wars game.

The layoffs have deeply impacted Respawn Entertainment, a studio under EA, which has seen dismissals within its team as part of EA’s broader restructuring efforts. Moving forward, EA plans to focus on developing games from its own franchises, like Dead Space, instead of licensed ones.

Several Respawn employees shared their experiences on Twitter. Level designer Aaron Stump expressed his dismay at seeing colleagues let go, hoping they would find new opportunities soon. Alex Ackerman, the global leader of social networks, revealed that after five years with Respawn, and twenty seasons of Apex Legends, she was laid off. Peter Stewart, a senior writer, reflected on the challenging environment for game creation, offering his support to those affected.

Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi are notable creations from Respawn, highlighting the impact of the layoffs on significant gaming franchises. Industry analysts predict that this trend of layoffs is just beginning, with the first three months signaling a challenging year ahead, potentially exceeding 7,000 job losses.

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