How to steal Tonberry Kings Crown in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

How to Steal Tonberry King’s Crown in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

One of the challenges I experienced in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was obtaining the Tonberry King crown for The Saga of the Seaside Inn quest. To complete this quest, you must present Johnny with either the genuine crown of a Tonberry King or a damaged version. However, the objective is to acquire a “Pristine Crown,” which can be tricky to obtain.

Where to find the Tonberry King?

Tonberry Kings are a rare creature found exclusively in the Correl Region, completing the classified Intel for this region. To do this, scan every Lifespring Crystal in said region.

How to get the Pristine Crown from Tonberry King

Once you locate a Tonberry King, devise a strategy to obtain the Pristine Crown.

Before engaging in battle, ensure that one of your party members is equipped with a Steal materia, or ability. The objective is to steal the crown at some point during combat. Failure to equip said skill will result in an inability to acquire the Pristine Crown.

Watch out for the little Tonberries

Fighting Tonberry King

To secure the Pristine Crown from the Tonberry King, apply pressure to force the crown to drop. Utilize Tonberry King’s elemental weaknesses to pressure, and you’ll eventually stagger him. During my playthrough, I used Yuffie to apply pressure and stagger him.

Once Tonberry King is staggered, he will drop his crown. Quickly switch to the party member with Steal and use it on the crown itself. Please note that this must be completed before Tonberry King reaches the crown. If successful, end the battle and present Johnny with the Pristine Crown to complete the quest.

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