Bend Studios Working on Next Big Live-Service Game

Bend Studios Working on Next Big Live-Service Game

Bend Studios, the creative minds behind the 2019 hit Days Gone, is gearing up for their next big venture into the gaming world with a AAA live-service game. The studio recently announced they are searching for a new lead project manager with hands-on experience in developing top-tier live-service games. This move marks a significant shift from their traditional focus on single-player, boxed product games to embracing the live service model.

Bend Studios is well-known for its work on Days Gone, an open-world adventure featuring motorcycles and the undead. Their new project, however, aims to build on the open-world systems of Days Gone but with a multiplayer aspect, venturing into new territory for the studio.

This pivot to live-service gaming aligns with Sony’s growing interest in expanding its portfolio of live-service titles. The job listing for the lead project manager position emphasizes the need for experience in agile workflows, suggesting a more flexible and iterative approach to game development compared to the traditional sequential method.

While Bend Studios has not yet released detailed information about the new game, the direction is clear – a high-profile, live-service AAA title is in the works. This development could potentially set new standards for live-service games, aiming to captivate players with engaging, dynamic content that evolves.

The gaming community eagerly watches Bend Studios as they transition into this new phase, anticipating what innovations and experiences they will bring to the live-service game landscape.

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