Larian Studios Clarifies Departure from Baldur's Gate Not Due to Wizards of the Coast

Larian Studios Clarifies Departure from Baldur’s Gate Not Due to Wizards of the Coast

Swen Vinke, the CEO of Larian Studios, recently cleared the air regarding the future of the Baldur’s Gate series. Despite the success of Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian Studios has decided not to continue with the series or the Dungeons & Dragons universe. This decision led to widespread speculation, particularly on platforms like Reddit, suggesting a rift between Larian Studios and Wizards of the Coast, the owners of the Dungeons & Dragons IP.

Vinke addressed these rumors directly, stating that the decision to move away from Baldur’s Gate was not due to any conflict with Wizards of the Coast. On the contrary, he praised them as a licensor, emphasizing that they had been supportive and allowed Larian to create their vision freely. The choice to explore new directions stems from Larian’s desire for innovation and its ambition to embark on different projects.

Larian Studios, known for its creativity and refusal to be pigeonholed into producing sequels or expansions, views this move as an opportunity to work on something entirely new. Vinke expressed gratitude for the Baldur’s Gate series and the joy it brought to many but confirmed that the studio has no plans for further expansions or sequels, including Baldur’s Gate 4.

This shift reflects Larian’s ethos of pursuing big ideas and its commitment to originality, indicating an exciting future for the studio and its fans.

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