Starbreeze Announces Co-op Dungeons & Dragons Game Coming 2026

Starbreeze Announces Co-op Dungeons & Dragons Game Coming 2026

We have known for a while that Wizards of the Coast had greenlit multiple Dungeons & Dragons video games across several developers. We have already seen some of those titles make it into home worldwide, including the ill-received Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance and the once-in-a-generation megahit Baldur’s Gate III. Now, Starbreeze Entertainment has made it known that they, too, have a D&D project in the works.

The company will act as publisher and developer for their cooperative Dungeons & Dragons game, currently codenamed Project Baxter. While little is known at the moment, we have been told that Unreal Engine 5 will be powering the fantasy fun with friends and that, like the developer’s other offerings, Project Baxter will “carry the signature Starbreeze game cornerstones of co-operative multiplayer, lifetime commitment through a Games as a Service-model, community engagement and a larger than life experience.”

Starbreeze CEO, Tobias Sjögren, had the following to say in regards to their upcoming D&D venture:

It is hard to imagine a better pairing than Dungeons & Dragons® and Starbreeze – both with their foundation in cooperative and community driven experiences, `play it your way’ and infinite replayability. When looking at prospective IPs for our future projects, Dungeons & Dragons was always at the top of our list and I’m incredibly happy to announce this license. I want to thank Wizards of the Coast for being such a great partner. Development of the game is in full swing, and we are excited to deliver an amazing Dungeons & Dragons action-adventure in 2026.

While more digital D&D adventures are sure to excite, the timing of the announcement is rough. Starbreeze is also the creator of Payday 3, which has been struggling since launch due to server issues, continuously delayed updates and limited content. The game has started to right wrongs with the recent introduction of legacy heists alongside much-needed fixes and its first DLC looming on the horizon, but announcing their commitment to the Dungeons & Dragons project in the midst of barely course-correcting their current game, which clearly shares the same cornerstones as Project Baxter, leaves us feeling mixed.

Here’s hoping the lessons learned with Payday 3 will make for a more positive debut for Project Baxter when it finds its way onto its currently unannounced platforms in 2026.

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