Grandia PS1 Classic now available on PlayStation Plus

Grandia PS1 Classic now available on PlayStation Plus

GAME ARTS, a subsidiary of GungHo Online Entertainment, is delighted to announce that the classic RPG, Grandia, is now accessible to all PlayStation Plus subscribers as of today.

Grandia PS1 Classic, which is currently featured on PlayStation Plus, offers players the chance to relive the original PS1 version of the game. This title is widely regarded as highly influential in the genre, showcasing timeless graphics and impressive sprite work.

Since its initial release on the PlayStation in 1999, GRANDIA has earned a special place in the hearts of RPG enthusiasts worldwide. The memorable characters, the heartfelt and adventurous story, and the innovative game systems have contributed to making GRANDIA a beloved RPG across the globe.

Grandia PS1 Classic Overview:

  • A Nostalgic Story: In GRANDIA, the protagonist Justin and his companions race against the evil Garlyle Forces to uncover the long-lost secrets of an ancient civilization.
  • Sentimental Visuals: This version of GRANDIA uses original textures and sprites, allowing players to relive or enjoy for the first time the iconic in-game art of the retro classic.
  • Genre-defining Combat: Players can use physical attacks and elemental spells in a battle system that combines real-time and turn-based mechanics. As players travel across the vibrant worlds of Elencia, they can level up moves and collect Mana Eggs to gain special abilities, combining the elements to take down enemies and bosses. 
  • A Legendary Legacy: GRANDIA earned numerous awards, including the GameSpot Editor’s Choice, IGN Editor’s Choice Award, and the Award for Excellence from CESA AWARDS ’97, now known as the “Japan Game Awards.”

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