Bungie Announces Destiny 2 Season of the Wish; Starts November 28 34534

Bungie Announces Destiny 2 Season of the Wish; Starts November 28

Today’s Destiny 2 update adds the last Imbaru Engine section and with it an intriguing cutscene that related to the infamous 15th Wish.

Bungie has since confirmed the next Destiny 2 season will be Season of the Wish, which launches on Nov. 28. No further details were given, though some interesting armor was teased. Unsurprisingly, Riven was also shown.

Those unfamiliar with the mysterious wish probably guessed it has something to do with Last Wish, given the name and Riven being pictured. Back then the raid featured a unique Wall of Wishes mechanic, where specific inputs would alter the raid, send players to a specific encounter, and more.

At the time players knew there were a total of 15 wishes, and 14 of them were eventually solved. In the 5 years since the mystery was added countless theories were created. Some suggest the raid was the wish itself, others commented on the bow, Wish-Ender, being it, to some thinking we simply never solved the mystery.

Some might be disappointed with this direction, though this seems like the perfect way to start the end of Destiny 2’s final saga.

This will make the upcoming The Week in Destiny even more interesting, as last week’s was cancelled due to community reaction to Bungie’s unexpected layoffs. It will be exciting to see how Bungie tackles all of these concerns, especially given rumors this season will be extended to further improve The Final Shape.

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