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[Rumor]Destiny 2 Community Manager Let Go; Suggests More Affected Update: The Final Shape Delayed

Liana Ruppert, better known as Hippy the Destiny 2 community manager, posted on X a number of things suggesting a wave of layoffs have hit Bungie.

The full series of posts show Ruppert’s love for the job and some insight in the current happenings over there.

Working in games when you have high anxiety during a mass layoff trend (across the whole industry) is panicking at every new meeting invite like “is this the one where I lose everything” and that’s super fun.

Well… my heart is breaking for all affected I am now looking for opportunities. I have 21 years of games industry experience in media, production, and community management. I’m processing,I’m so heartbroken. I don’t know what to do from here… this was my home. I feel so lost

With Chew having been laid off earlier this year, I am terrified we are going to lose our house. More than that, I can’t imagine not going into the studio on Fridays for hugs. Goofing off with DPS, brainstorming with the raid team. Accessibility… I just can’t. Love to all


Shortly after this, Jason Schreier posted they heard an internal message indicating layoffs and a team meeting. Expect more information later today/week.

While details are currently in the air, it will be interesting to see how this impacts The Final Shape and Bungie’s upcoming move to a new Episode model.

Update: Following this article going live, Schreier wrote an article with some additional insight. According to that article, an unnamed source mentioned The Final Shape was delayed from Feb. to June 2024. Their other upcoming game, Marathon, was also hit with a delay and is now expected in 2025.

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