Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch fixed in the latest patch

Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch fixed in the latest patch

Nintendo released a patch for the Tears of the Kingdom today that fixes the infamous duplication glitch many have exploited since the game’s launch a week ago. With the duplication glitch, players can duplicate items that break the game’s economy by duplicating diamonds to sell them for thousands of rupees and other materials that require grinding, such as flower bombs.

Tears of the Kingdom version 1.1.2 is available now that apparently not only patches up the duplication glitch but implements the following as well:

Ver. 1.1.2 (Released May 25, 2023)

Audio Bug Fixes

– Fixed an issue where the sound would play at an extremely high volume in certain conditions.

Additional Fixes

– Fixed an issue in the main quest, “Camera Work in the Depths”, where players could not progress beyond a certain point. Downloading the update will allow players to proceed past that point.

– Several issues have been addressed to improve the gameplay experience.

Our internal testing shows several glitches, such as paragliding, dropping two bows, and shield surfing, are patched up. Those who want to keep doing the glitch should consider not connecting your Switch to the internet to download the update or disabling the auto-updates.

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